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Wondering about High Temp Wire? Wondering how we use it in our Ceramic pieces? Check out these archived posts and learn what you need and how to do it.

Beads of Clay Blog: Tool Talk Thursday High Temp Wire
 Use the 17 gauge wire to string beads in your kiln for firing. It is important to weight these wires down as they do sag. The higher the kiln temp the greater the sag. For a cone 06 firing your can even just use a bead tree with just ... http://www.blog.beadsofclay.org/2011/05/tool-talk-thursday-high-temp-wire.html

Third Friday: Cone 6 Glazes - Firing Methods

This month, instead of focusing on some glaze test results, I thought it might be a good time to talk a bit about how I work around the sagging rod issue with a lot of commercially available bead trees and high temperature wire when firing to ... 

 Tool Talk Thursday: How Did You Do That?..High Temp Wire Revist 

 I use High Temp Stamen Wire 24 gauge as seen in the picture above. It is made by Kemper and available from most ceramic supply stores. I will include a list of sources at the end of the tutorial. This wire is good for Cone 6 ... http://www.blog.beadsofclay.org/2012/01/tool-talk-thursday-how-did-you-do.html

Tool Talk Thursday: Small Kiln Bead Racks Part II 

This picture shows how I stacked wires with pendants strung on them. Each level provides weights on the wire for the row below it. This is very important since the high temp wire you will be using to string your beads and ...http://www.blog.beadsofclay.org/2010/09/tool-talk-thursday-small-kiln-bead.html

A lovely sunflower is uncapped. Next, I lift it out and smooth any rough edges. Next it is time to attach a wire to the pendant. This is a high fire wire (also known as High Temperature Wire) which is fired along with the pendant.

.......4) slip 5) stamps to create your design with 6) high temp wire around 20 or 22 gauge 7) wire cutters, pliers and round nose pliers 8) paint brush for smoothing 9) cookie cutters and plastic wrap if desired. 10) hole cutter 11) clay.

If you use wire you should be sure to put a piece of kiln furniture on top of the notches to prevent the wire from sagging too much. Here is the rack ... Here is a birds eye view of the rack with the 11 gauge high temp rods. This is ...

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