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How to Make a Beads of Clay Treasury

Create an Etsy Treasury with Beads of Clay Members Items

( this was written with complete beginners in mind...hence the details and length...it's really very easy!)

Open two Browser windows or tabs.
Have the other window open to www.etsy.com
From the Etsy home page click on the >TREASURY link in the lower left column “More way to shop”
Once on the Treasury page click on > CREATE A LIST…top right
You should see this:

You don’t need to title your Treasury right away, nor write a description. Wait for the inspiration after you have explored the BOC shops and found the items to include in your Treasury.
Go to your browser winndow that has the BOC Marketplace shops open.
RIGHT Click on the shop NAME you want to start with, a little pop-up will appear so you can select “Open page in new window”.
Explore the shop listings until you find one you want to add to your Treasury. 

Highlight the URL of that listing by clicking once on the URL. ( it should be highlighted in blue)
Copy the URL ( “ctrl” & “c)
Go back to the browser window with your Blank Treasury page and your cursor should already be flashing in the next available spot to add a listing. Hit “ctrl”& “v” to PASTE the url into the treasury. Then hit “OK”. And that item will appear!

Keep going back to various BOC shops to find listings, copy & paste them anywhere in your Treasury. You can rearrange them by dragging them around to a new spot. (Click, hold, drag)

Add Tags ( in the “tags” window on the right. Separate by commas):
Be sure to include:
BOC etsy team, BeadsofClay, Beads of Clay, ( you can copy and paste right from this document)
Add your title and description. It would be nice to include the URL for the BOC Marketplace page in your description to encourage viewers to visit all the shops. ( Elaine Ray does not have an etsy shop so she can not be included in any Treasuries)

Click on SAVE.
 Copy the URL of your Treasury and post it on the BOC, CBC&AW Facebook page, your own FB page and anywhere else it may get seen (twitter etc). You can also email the link to all those included, but if they check their shop “activity” regularly it will show up there.

Have fun, be creative, try a theme ( motif, color, shape, season,).  &Try not to repeat shops within your Treasury
Or try etsy’s Treasury tutorial here: https://www.etsy.com/help/article/82


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