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First Friday Art Walk on Etsy.com

Welcome to the First Friday Art Walk on Etsy.com
Here you will find a selection of items from our BOCPAT members showing off their new work.
We also have a new page on our blog where you can virtually "window shop" our members Etsy shops for their latest shop updates by simply scrolling down the page. Click HERE to jump there. 
Then click on any of their individual shops for items that you want!

And as always, shop any of our BOCPAT member Etsy shops by clicking on these links below:


  1. Just a head's up--that last link ("click to jump here") has all the links mixed up!

    1. Thanks Gale - but I'm not quite sure what you mean. The link works to take you to the page where our BOCPAT members have their Etsy Minis set up on our blog. Seems to be working fine from my browser. Would welcome suggestions to help in not seem so mixed up - Thanks!


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