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Tucson Bead Shows 2013

Every year in Tucson Arizona between late January through the middle of February, the world seems to come together to gather to show off and sell their wares at the
Tucson Bead, Gem, Fossil and Mineral Shows.
I counted 39 shows on the Interweave Press Tucson Show Guide Web Page (7 shuttle routes - wow!).
You can find huge crystals bigger than most people, assortments of fossils, gemstones galore, pearls of all kinds, sometimes bits of meteor, even museum quality dinosaur replicas, and of course:
Handmade Artist Beads!

There are three of our Beads of Clay Professional Artist Team members traveling out to Tucson to sell their handmade goods. 
If you are there, stop by and see their goods (and buy some of course) and meet them in person!
Here are some photos of their work and the artists themselves so that you may know them by sight...

Joan Tucker and Lana Weed of
Off Center Productions Bead Tray Preparation for Tucson 2013

February 2-11, 2013:
Joan says their booth is near the entrance!
Joan Tucker of Off Center Productions
Lana Wilson of Off Center Productions

Michelle McCarthy of

Michelle McCarthy of Firefly Design Studio
February 2-11, 2013:
Booth 309 in the Grand Pavillion
Michelle McCarthy

Vladislav and Kremeana Ivanova of

Golem Design Studio New Work For Tucson 2013
February 6-10, 2013:
Booths H20/21
Kremeana and Vlad Ivanova
There are many things to see and do out in the Tucson area if you need a break from an overwhelming week of bead shows.
So if you have not gone, and you want to, consider making a vacation of it and rent a house and car with a bunch of beady friends for a week.

Here are some tips to being prepared to purchase.
If you are wanting to buy for your "business" make sure you have copies of your business license with your EIN number, email address and phone number on it for easy transactions.
Bring plenty of cash, travelers checks, business checks or your credit card as every vendor accepts different forms of payment, and you want to be prepared.

Be ready to meet seller minimums in order to qualify for discount or wholesale pricing.

If you are traveling out to Tucson to purchase, and plan on using your credit card:
Call your credit card company before leaving home to let them know you are going to be traveling and making purchases from vendors from possibly all over the world during a certain period of time and for them to not flag your card as being stolen or compromised.
This is something I learned as a vendor and purchaser out in Tucson for a number of years.

Have fun out there!
If you get back and have pics or a blog post to share about your Tucson experience, link it up here in the comments below!
Those of us that don't get to go would love to see them!

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