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Color Inspirations :: January

This month, the BOC members are working with this color palette. I originally didn't intend for it to be a winter palette, but it is, don't you think?

Pale blue and lavender to mimic the snowy scenes many are seeing outside. A bright pop of cobalt blue for the winter skies (which always seems to be bluer to me than in any other season - must be the lack of color on the ground). And a faint touch of rosy pink to warm things up.

If you looking to use this palette in your own work, opt for lots of muted shades of light blue and lighter purple to mimic the feeling of winter. That super saturated cobalt and softer rosy pink add a touch of the unexpected, if you're so inclined!

What colors are speaking to you right now?


  1. This is a wintry palette! And looking at it - makes me realize that those colors are often what I wear... Jeans, layers of shirts in gray, blue, and often with a muted pink tone somewhere. Love that bit of sparkle too. Thank you so much for sharing your color inspirations with us here on BOC.

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