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Color Inspirations :: December

With the holiday season right on top of us, this month, BOC members have been working off traditional colors for December.

Christmas for me features forest and sage greens, different shades of reds, touches of gold. If you look closely, there's also non-traditional colors, too - light blues, navys, purples, lime greens, and bright pinks make an appearance in our house, though not all are shown in these photos. And this year's Christmas card features lots of gray.

We like a lot of color by us!

So for this month's color inspirations, we're pulling colors from the holidays. What does your season look like? What colors do you associate with this time of year?

Since this is the last post from me this year, have a merry happy holiday!


  1. Your photographs always dazzle me, Miss Brandi, and your color choices delight me! I have enjoyed seeing these palettes from you every month! Enjoy the day. Erin

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