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Color Inspirations :: November

From a color perspective, I love the change in seasons. By the time they come around, I'm ready for a fresh burst of color in nature. How about you?

This year, the colder temperatures didn't visit us until this week. Most Texans aren't surprised by this, as the weather in Texas does whatever it wants to do. We all just go with it, and enjoy a few extra weeks of sweater-less temperatures. But I think if I had to pick one, the change from sweltering summer to cool autumn is my favorite. Oh, the relief the drop in temperature brings!

It also brings an awesome change in colors, so this month, BOC designers are focusing on these two nature-inspired palettes. Various shades of yellows, from dark gold to bright sunshine to soft tans and creams, were pulled right from the colors I see in my backyard every year. Dull and inky shades of blue and soft grays play off the yellows, and remind me of twilight and the longer nights that comes during winter.

Together, this rings as a very autumnal palette to me; what do you think? Which palette is your favorite this month? What colors do you normally see by you in November?


  1. I love both of the palettes, but the second one grabs me more, because of the higher contrast.

  2. Yes, i agree with Shirley - The intensity and contrast of the orange and yellow

    Great images by the way! Thanks for sharing

  3. There is just something about that first palette that reminds me of my mom's at christmas. Probably because of the fancy candles and decorations throughout the house (creme and pale golden tones for the towels in the guest bathroom). So to me that one just draws me into this season as we move into that over winter period where the plants lose their color until spring.

    The second reminds me of the garden and wooded area right now. Lots of bright yellow leafs on trees with most of the others turning from rust or red to brown. I love living in an area of the US where we get to see full four seasons through the year. It's like getting a renewal every year when things die then come back fresh and new.

    These are both lovely palettes! Thanks for sharing with us!

  4. I like bright colors. So the the second palette is more to my liking. I have never followed seasonal colors in my work, don't know why really. Here November is green, red, bright yellows and oranges, vibrant colors. Now I wonder, maybe the season colors are in the eyes of the beholder.

  5. If you took out the yellows, orange / golds, tan, and white you would have the color palet I am looking at today in Wasilla Alaska! Bare birch trees, grey skys, windy and dirty- all of our snow has blown away in the high winds... Only 5 more months until spring!!! This is why I use so much color in my own work...


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