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UFO Sighting

~~~~UFO Sighting~~~~

UFO for us means.....Unique Fabulous Originals!

Every now and again, we will sneak into our Professional Artisan Team members stores and snap a picture of some of their Awesome pieces of Art. Then we will bring it back here for all to see. 

Today's UFO sighting comes from the store of:
Joan Tucker
Off Center Productions
(Joan on the Left, Lana on the right)

1.So? Who are you? 
  Joan Tucker, I am a retired community college administrator and social worker who plays with clay in Lacey WA with her partner Lana. We have been in the bead biz for 7 years and Lana has been making pots forever.
2.Where do you live?  Lacey is near Olympia WA near Budd Bay.
3.What do you call yourself?  I play and explore with clay.
4. How long have you been creating Ceramic Beads and Pendants?
seven years
5. What inspires your work? 
Antiquities, travel, textiles, batiks, embroidery etc
 6.What is your process? We use porcelain and stoneware for beads and pendants; we hand build each piece; make mostly ook  ware.
7.Favorite Clay type?  
Groleg 6 and 10 and Sam Scott stoneware cone 10
8. Glazes?
Georgies, Coyote, Potters Choice, Laguna, stains, slips, oxides...
 9. Favorite Themes or design inspirations?
Middle Eastern ancient designs, earthy, rough, rustic, weathered, antiqued..
and sometimes very slick and modern white
10.Who do you admire in your field and why?
Marsha Neal Minutella for her support of others and her professional approach to this work; Lisa Peters for being super creative, driven and always seemingly having fun. Joan Miller  for taking a different path and Marsha Hedrick for being able to do anything with clay, also the folks at Clay River are truly the elders making clay for a living for a very long time, kudos to them 
11.What are your favorite tools or equipment?  slab roller, apple hole cutter, drywall
12. Any advice for newbies? Yes please  check everybody out and then try to do your own thing 
13. Your store name and link?  Off Center Productions, LLC 
We will be at To bead True Blue for the full 9 days in February; stop by and say hi.
Thank Joan!
Stop by Next week for another UFO Sighting!


  1. Very Cool Ladies! I love the altars with the bowls.

  2. Nice to see the people behind the creations, I like those shrines too, pretty cool!

  3. Love your work Joan and Lana!!! I treasure my pieces of yours in my collection! Love the little bowl of Lana's that I have :) Good Luck in Tucson - it will be here before we know it!

  4. Wonderful post and super work. thanks so much.


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