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Beads of Clay Halloween and Rustic Fall Pieces

Here in the US - it is October 31. Halloween Day!
A lot of our Beads of Clay members are located in the North East US and have been affected directly by Hurricane Sandy (Dubbed FrankenStorm by many).
And we are hoping that everyone touched by this storm, and their family is safe and starting with recovering from this massive storm.

The whole month leading up to this day is usually filled with dressing up celebrating Fall and the Spirit of Halloween. If you missed out a bit this year in the dressing up and accessorizing, no worries, you can grab up some of these cool items and work them into your wardrobe for next year!

Beads of Clay Halloween and Rustic Fall Treasury
Here are some other items that fit the fall theme:
ArtisanBeadsPlus: Woodfired Stoneware Beads
ClayDesignsByGlee Earth Brown Cross Pendant
GinPins Sunny Stoneware Flower Buttons
MarshaNealStudio Porcelain Halloween Bat
WhiteCloverKiln Floral Connectors
OffCenterProductions Leaf Pendant

Want more fall related items from BOCPAT member shops?
Click HERE and have fun clicking around to Websites, Blogs, Etsy, Art Fire, and so on!

What are your favorite themed pieces for Halloween?

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