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UFO Sighting

~~~~UFO Sighting~~~~

UFO for us means.....Unique Fabulous Originals!

Every now and again, we will sneak into our Professional Artisan Team members stores and snap a picture of some of their Awesome pieces of Art. Then we will bring it back here for all to see. 

Today's UFO sighting comes from the store of:

Wave to Diana!!!!!

So? Where are you from Diana?
Jerzey baby!
What do you call yourself? (Artist? Hobbyist? Professional Ceramicist?)
I usually refer to myself as a ceramic bead artist.

How long have you been creating Ceramic Beads and Pendants?
I started dabbling in ceramic bead-making in the fall of 2009.

What inspires your work?
Nature, antiques and random stuff.  My studio space is in a basement and sometimes I just see random junk on the floor that I think I can use in my work.  I have a little collection on my desk where all these random bits hang out til I find a use for them.  My funny face pendants are a result of all this junk.

What is your process?
I work in porcelain, stoneware and when the weather is agreeable and Colin (my husband) is available for assisting me, raku.

Favorite Clay type? Glazes?
I love the feel of porcelain.  It almost feels like cream cheese....Mmmmm....cream cheese. There's nothing like switching back over to it after working with groggy clays.  As far as glazes go, I love the celadon's from Coyote Clay.  Yum!

Favorite Themes or design inspirations?
Pieces inspired by the ocean or by antiques.  
Who do you admire in your field and why?
Diane Hawkey, her work is colorful, quirky and fun.  Also, Joan Miller.  She manages to make ceramic beads that look like lampwork.  Amazing stuff!

What are your favorite tools or equipment?
My gas kiln.  It's allowed me to work on my raku flashing.  Until recently, we were raku-firing with my electric kiln but the results were almost too consistent.  Plus,  I love spending the day outside with Colin just firing the kiln up and having no idea what to expect with each batch of beads. 

 Any advise for newbies?
Experiment, read books, join BOC!

Your store name and link?
Suburban Girl Studio   http://www.suburbangirlbeads.etsy.com

Any other links you want included?
 I host a lot of blog hops and that's where all their info can be found!
Pop over to Diana's store and say hi! 
And keep your eyes to the sky's
(or right here on Monday's)
for another UFO sighting!



  1. Well I have seen Diana's precious pieces up close and I have a stash of them myself that you couldn't get me to part with (meaning pry out of my cold dead hands) LOL

  2. GO JERSEY! Diana's work is lovely - Glad to see her spotlighted here on the BOC Blog!

  3. Plenty of those beads in my personal stash and that lady is most definitely unique, fabulous and original!

  4. Thanks for letting me talk about myself. You know it's my favorite thing to do....second only to making beads of course!

  5. Diana, you crack me up (re: comment above). I've gotten to know Diana over this past year and she is delightful, funny, supportive and talented. I've got a bracelet I made with Diana's beads and I love to wear it because it makes me think of that wise-cracking Jerzy girl with the big heart.

  6. Nice article! Diana's beads are so unique - I really like the funny faces!

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