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Color Inspirations :: September

I absolutely love the change in seasons, especially the transition from summer to fall. I love the colors that start popping up on the trees, I love the bite in the air, and I love pulling out the holiday decorations and sweaters.

It's my favorite time of year right now - how about you?

Like I mentioned last month, I'm really inspired by the deeper, slightly muted colors of fall. But since this is also the time of year where artisans are gearing up for holiday shows, Marsha and I chose two palettes with a little more flexibility to play for September.

Two colors in particular that I love for autumn are deep reds and golds, so that's present up in the first palette. I'm also always looking for an excuse to use a shade (or three) of aqua, which is both a nice contrast to the warmer tones as well as a color that references the upcoming winter.

And, if you're familiar with the color wheel, it's a nice twist on a primary color scheme - fresh and seasonal without feeling too childlike.

Beads of Clay members are also using this second palette for color inspiration. It's a photo I snapped of a sunset visible outside of the plane I was on a while back. For me, it's a quiet photo, so the soft, subtle shades of purple take on that feeling, too. After a busy summer season for me, it's a brief, quiet respite.

But it's also a great palette for this time of year. As the days get shorter here in the Northern Hemisphere, twilight comes on faster, and this palette reminds me of that, too.

So, as you plan your pieces, you've got two choices. One that picks up a seasonal color scheme, with deep reds, golds, tans, and a touch of arctic blue for added punch. If you're more of a traditionalist, leave off the aqua and play with the darker shades of red and gold for a perfect autumnal color palette.

Or, if you need a change from the fall colors, go for the colors of twilight. Play with several shades of muted lavender, soft reddish-purples, cooler medium blue-purples, and strong navy violets. Try to have at least one darker blue or blue-purple in the mix; this will keep all of the other colors grounded.

Which palette speaks to you this month? What colors are you feeling right now?


  1. I am feeling blessed to be the first to comment on this very nice looking post...I must say that the shades of all the colours are stunning...

  2. These palettes are just SO beautiful Brandi! Thank you for sharing your creative eye with us! I can just envision some beautiful work in these palettes!


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