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Beads of Clay Spotlight Designer of the Week!

Marie-Noel Voyer-Cramp
Everyone say Hello to Marie!


1. How often do you use artist beads in your work? Who was your first artist bead crush? (the artist that inspired you to start using or collecting art beads). What is your comfortable price point range for buying an artist bead or bead set? 
What is the most expensive bead you have ever bought?
 I pretty much always use Artist beads in my work, whether my own or someone else's. Susan Kennedy was the very first artist I ever bought from followed by LeAnn Weih. They were both very inspiring to my work and I have become friends with both of them.
I find that the price is not so much the issue as whether or not the piece inspired me! I prefer to save money of course, so if an artist has wholesale I always prefer to purchase larger amounts and will opt it almost every time. Of course I will splurge if I am in love wink For my Birthday last year I treated myself to a bead from Kerri Fuhr! I most likely don't have to tell you how much I spent. 
Worth every penny!!
2. Where is your favorite place to buy art beads? (Do you shop online? In person at bead shows? Bead shops? Large Online Suppliers? etc). And do you use a lot of the beads you buy or just hoard them?
I tend to buy on Etsy because it's easy to find all the best artists! Of course not everyone is on Etsy, so I will visit personal websites. Those I really love I subscribe to newsletters so that I don't miss out on deals and new items! I use what I have but wait for inspiration to strike for any particular piece. So I guess until that happens, I do hoard my beads, just a bit.


3. What inspires you to create the style of work you make? Do you come up with a design first, then find beads to fit into that design idea? Or do you find a bead or artist object (pendant, button, cabochon, etc) and then create a design around it?
 I always let the beads speak to me first! They do the talking and I do the creating! I have done a couple sketches in the past, but I can't draw so that does not always work.

4. What are your favorite bead-related resources? Magazines, Books, Pinterest Boards, Blogs, Websites, FaceBook, Classes, etc. Do you look outside of the "bead industry" for inspiration? What are your favorite resources there?
Everything inspires! Other people's designs, magazines, nature, music, my children, pictures of places and things I have never seen... I don't let anything not take a chance to inspire me.

5. What is your favorite color palette to design with? Do you prefer a particular style of bead, button, pendant, etc? What is your bead downfall? You know - the one you just have to have no matter what?
I am in love with green! Earthy tones help too, but green is trees, nature, deep water, forest, grass... I love these things! There is just something about it that I can not help loving! If I can find some nice clay or lampwork beads in green I am done for!! I love to mix with copper components like a handmade toggle or one of my own handmade hooks!

6. What part of the world do you live in? Do you find that you are inspired by things around you every day or do you daydream about living somewhere else? What is your creative space like? Where and when do you find you create your best work (do you watch TV, listen to music, audio books, etc when you create)? What are your favorites.
 I live in Canada, about 3 hours north of Montana. Although I dream of living in Europe, I don't think I could ever really leave. The amazing mountains and forests filled with trees and rivers and everything that makes me smile, it's the most beautiful place on earth. I guess if I was to go anywhere, it might be closer to the mountains.
My workspace is not as inspiring as where I live. I used to have a room all to myself but gave it up when I got sick so my daughter, who is a huge help to me, could have her own room. Now I have to make due with music that moves the soul. I love a little of everything so I could not even begin to give you a list!

7. Do you have any furry friends or family that you are around a lot and they inspire (or distract you) from your work? 
I don't have pets but I do have children! 4 of them! Always fighting and making a racket! What can you do! That's life. My youngest is a mischief maker. She has gotten into my studio a couple times and spilled bead containers all over the floor, or left with something that I later have found in her room. I do try to involve her when I can, getting her to add beads to head pins or eye pins. She loves that part! Feels really involved!

Mostly I guess I just love what I do and feel happy when I am able to create. I have made a point of taking the time to create lately. I was diagnosed with Breast cancer in May, so every little bit of creative energy I put out goes to healing. I am a firm believer in the power of creative healing!

 Thank you Marie, for a fabulous interview. 
The BOC Team and I, send you warm hugs and healing thoughts. 
We look forward to seeing more new and fabulous work soon!

Please stop by Marie's Blog, Face Book page, or stores and say hi. 

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  1. Marie's work is wonderful. Great to learn more about her creative life. Healing thoughts to you Marie and I agree that creative work is very healing.

  2. I love her work - it is very soothing if that makes sense for jewelry and I her pendants are great. Sending her healing thoughts and prayers.

  3. My husband and I were just talking about moving to Canada.....sounds delightful! Lovely interview with a lovely artist!

    1. Well, Julie Calgary is the best city in Canada! If you guys were to move here, get in touch and I would be happy to show you around town! {Plus we have the lowest unemployment rate in Canada} lol

  4. Wonderful interview of a very beautiful, compassionate lady. I own a couple of her pieces, and I love them! :)

  5. Marie's tile charms were my first artist bead purchase! They are so unique and artfully created.

  6. i just bought a few of her pieces and I LOVE them. I've been pushing them around the bead table for a few weeks because I just can't part with them ... not just yet. But I will. I have a few ideas in mind, just want the best to rise to the top :) Lovely interview

  7. Great to see behind the creations a little - Marie you are a beautiful lady who creates beautiful jewellery and components. Canada is really high on my list of places to visit, it sounds idyllic and I'm sure being at one with and inspired by your surroundings with help the healing process.x


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