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Third Friday Commercial Glazes

Welcome to the Third Friday Glaze Post.
This month I'm continuing to pull glaze colors that compliment the seasonal Color Inspiration palettes from Brandi (see yesterday's August 2012 post).
BrandiGirlBlog: Wine In The Afternoon
BrandiGirlBlog: Birthday Palette
I love that Brandi's palettes give off vibes about the upcoming fall season here in the US.

Here are some Cone 4-6 glazes that I feel really reflect these palettes she has inspired us with:
Marsha Neal Studio Commercial Cone 5/6 Glaze Tests
When you are working with glazes - either a base recipe that you are adding oxides to and creating your own custom blend, or you are using or mixing commercial glazes - you are creating a palette for yourself to use in your work to help express your vision.

As a ceramic artist you can strive to master glazes which may give you consistent results so that you can carry out an idea that is in your head or you can just let go and go with your gut feeling for glazing your work.
Either way you could be extremely happy about how your work comes out, and try to achieve that again. Or you could be entirely disappointed.

I work all over that spectrum of creativity.
I do like to have some control over my understanding of glaze colors and how they should look when I brush them on (meaning puddling, not running - seeing the texture, not having it disappear).

I enjoy trying to mix glaze colors as you would paints.
Some can be mixed to create a lighter version of a glaze,
for example in my first set of glazes, the first two yellow glazes:
GLW21 (Georgies Raw Honey) was mixed with PG641 (Georgies White cloud) to get the pale yellow (my test #G27).

It is helpful to try to experiment like this - starting with a 1:1 ration of mixing glazes.
By changing the ratio of glaze color with just a few good colors and a nice white glaze to mix them with, you could come up with an entire glaze color palette that really works for you.

Technical Glaze Info:
Marsha's photo test tiles from Top 2 Photos
Top Row Left: MNS Test G27: PG641 + GLW21
Top Row Middle: GLW 21
Top Row Right: Coyote 032
Bottom Row Left: Coyote 061
Bottom Row Middle: MNS Test CT9: Coyote 74 + Coyote 43
Bottom Row Right: Coyote 047

Marsha's photo test tiles from Bottom 2 Photos
Top Row Left: Amaco PC59
Top Row Middle: Spectrum 1106
Top Row Right: Georgies GLW22
Bottom Row Left: MNS Test CT2: Coyote 74 + Coyote 61 + Coyote 33
Bottom Row Middle: MNS CT8: Coyote 74 + Coyote 44
Bottom Row Right: Coyote 25

Thank You Brandi for the color palette inspiration to try out some of these color combinations with glazes so that we can give those jewelry designers some great items to work with for their seasonal jewelry designs.

I look forward to seeing what our BOCPAT team members come up with for next week (August 23, 2012) reveal here on the BOC Blog.
Make sure you check back soon!

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