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Bodacious Beaker of Beads Giveaway

First ever.......
Bodacious Beaker of Beads

Commanding Creations!
Decadent Dazzlers!
Extremely Extraordinary! 

Get my Drift?????

These Beads were made by a Fabulous
Husband and Wife team from Bulgaria.
Vladislav & Kremena Ivanov
Golem Studio

Four  Fortunate  Folks
will win a chunk of this Bounty!

TO Enter:
You must visit the Golem Studio Website
and find your favorite piece!
Copy the URL, bring it here and post it along with why you love it.

Four winners will be drawn using
Random.org on Thursday, Sept 13th!

You know you want these!
Follow the instructions above and you 
just might have them!!!!!

Good Luck


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  2. http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|ppd|PPD-010-A

    This reminds me of henna designs. Henna has a special place in my heart because I am a henna artist/bellydancer.

  3. http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|ppo|PPOP-02-A

    The California state flower. I'm a native born Californian living just over the border. Love Golem beads!

  4. This was actually really hard because I had trouble narrowing the choices down to only one. I ended up with two items:
    http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|cbp|CBP-002-B and

    I love the color combinations and patterns. The two designs that I chose are very different (one is modern/geometric and the other is a stylized floral pattern) which is pretty typical for me. My work is really varied.

    Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  5. http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|phs|PHS-01-A thanks for the chance!

  6. http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|nat|PEN-045-A
    Why? I love the color green, I love daisies, and I like stripes, and this has all of that!

  7. That is a huge stash of beads! I love the colors & texture to these:
    The Wild Jungle Beads (under Carved Beads Section)

  8. http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|nat|PEN-062-A

    I had to choose this beautiful bird one, love the colors and the birds are just so sweet!

  9. http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|ppd|PPD-005-B

    I just love the color combination of black and teal and the vintage design of this piece. Lovely.

  10. What a fabulous bounty of beads!

    I love this paisley piece: http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|ppd|PPD-014-A

    I love the sweet color combo and how the design is slightly offset.

  11. I am giddy over this giveaway! To win these beads would make my day, no year actually!

    My favorite piece (well actually, there are many) is this one:
    It has a very tribal feel to it, which is why I like it. The colors and design are great-would be perfect in an autumn design.

  12. Wow! Great giveaway! Just choosing one "favorite" was tough! I kept being drawn to this piece: http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|nat|PEN-052-B

    We currently have 2 dogs & 6 cats (3 are fosters). I love the stripes of colors and the dark clay backdrop. I love the cat's expression & that is why I chose this as my fav.

  13. I really like these. They look like/remind me of ladybugs and my DIL loves ladybugs. I'm always on the look out for cute ladybugs for her.


  14. This pendant has 2 things I love: Dots and Olive green. Golem beads are awesome!

  15. http://golemstudio.com/shop2/thumbs/cbp-004-a.jpg
    This one reminds me of a zentangle! Love Golem Beads!

  16. this is my favourite http://golemstudio.com/beads2.php?p=d|nat|PEN-062-A|
    I love these 2 little cuties :)
    ciao dall'Italia
    joyblonde at libero.it

  17. I am such a fan of the daisy! And who doesn't love a ladybug or two or three? That's why this is my fav:


    And I especially like the color combo, with its light blues and purples against the dark clay. The red of the ladybugs is such a nice contrast!

  18. My favorite piece PPD-014-A http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|ppd|PPD-014-A

    I just love the colors and the flower design being off center.

  19. I love so many things at Golem studio it is hard to pick just one but I have put down one of my favorites that I have had on my wish list for along time. http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|peo|PEO-014-A

    Thank you for the awesome giveaway BDC blog and Golem Studio!

  20. I love the carved beads, esp. "Wild Jungle," I guess because I'm a wild kinda gal. http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|wjb|WJB-01-A It's also different (and geometrical) than the other beads I've ordered from Golem before.

  21. I found a good dozen true favorites and thought I'd never be able to decide. And then, I landed on this one.... http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|psg|PSG-01-A
    ...and knew without a doubt it was my absolute favorite!
    I love the design, the bird, the uniqueness of it, and the colors. I know it would make a beautiful necklace! It's a beautiful piece of art in itself!

    Thank you for the great giveaway! Taking another trip around the Golem Studios collection is always a treat in itself! --Sharyl McMillian-Nelson ~ Sharyl's Jewelry

    1. Now that I went to look at this one, as a result of your post... I agree! Gorgeous!!

  22. If I have to choose it has to be this: http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|ppd|PPD-018-A . I just love the flowery, leafy, but strict look. The contrast between the two colors are lovely and fits the design. And then you have the dark, earthy background that you can't get in anything other than ceramics.

  23. http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|ppd|PPD-003-A is my choice. This paisley design is unique, and has great color and dimension. I love the color palette on this one in particular.

    I create one of a kind designs, and see great possibilities with your pieces. I admire your great artistic talent.

    It was very difficult to choose just one piece. Your various designs and color choices are intriguing to me.

    Thank you for this great giveaway.

  24. http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|cpb|CPB-020-A-XL

    I'm loving these lentils with hearts, they must be newer! Thanks for the chance to win!

  25. http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|nat|PEN-046-C

    It's very rare that I find all my favorite colors in one piece and this one absolutely nailed it!

  26. Truly I love them all! I am however quite particular to anything GREEN! So... http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|cpb|CPB-008-F-XL
    that would have to be my most favorite! Wonderful!!

  27. It is practically impossible to pick a favorite Golem bead. I've never met a Golem bead or pendant I didn't love. But being forced to choose, I picked this: http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|nat|PEN-062-A

  28. http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|cbp|CBP-002-A

    i love the colors and the circles in this piece... plus, i have a scarf to match...

  29. I love everything they make. Today this one resonated with me, the Sun Circle - Blue & White decorative pendant --- http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|peo|PEO-032-D|

  30. http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|nat|PEN-070-B...So hard to choose...but I love owls and this bead is amazing! Love the style & colors, too!

  31. Wow everything is so different..love it! But to choose one I'd choose this http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|cbp|CBP-001-B as it has my two favorite colors..purple and blue...the design is neat and I like the shape too..

  32. http://golemstudio.com/beads2.php?p=d|clb|CLB-064-A-M
    I LOVE EVERYTHING!!! Just placed a big order! Can't wait! Hope I win too!

  33. http://golemstudio.com/beads2.php?p=d|clb|CLB-064-A-M
    Oh why I love it? because it is retro and great quality and the colors rock!

  34. love these!

  35. http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|ppo|PPOP-08-A
    I love this because of the bold colors and the dragonfly. And because of it's Golem style. It's so beautiful! I love all of the Golem of course, but that is just one of my favorites.

  36. Okay, do you know how long I drooled over all of their goodies? Do you?! Thankfully it distracted me from spending more money at the CBC destash event lol

    After much browsing, my mind kept coming back to this one http://golemstudio.com/shop2/thumbs/pen-049-b.jpg I'm not a huge butterfly fan, but the colors and over all look of this piece just catch me :)

  37. I can only pick ONE!? Goodness. . .such a hard decision, but I narrowed it down to this one: http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|ped|PED-01-O

    It's one of their Daisy designs. Daisies are my FAVORITE flower and this one is a cool oval shape with traditional daisy colors and a blue (my favorite color) background. It's just sublime.

  38. I love their beads My favorite is http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|ppd|PPD-014-A

    I love the combination of the pinks, brown and white. I love the detailed design of the flower. I also love the fact it is off center which makes it more unique,

  39. I love everything in the Paisley section, but this is my most favorite!! http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|ppd|PPD-010-A

  40. http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|cen|CAB-016-B

    I love the colors in this design! My head is just swirling with ideas to use this bead. Thank you so much!

  41. Wild Jungle... because these beads remind me of my favorite artist: M. C. Escher :-)


  42. http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|nat|PEN-070-B
    Is my very best favorite- I love all the elements of its design. the shape, them(owl) and color. Thanks for the opportunity to take a chance to win some of your gorgeous beads. Nancy

  43. http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|wj|WJ-16-A
    So hard to choose, but I love the color palette in this particular pendant and the intricate, modern design.
    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win a few of these beads from such a great design team.

  44. http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|lac|LAC-12-A
    Love the colors and the European retro feeling in these beads.

  45. I'm turtle lover, so here my fav...


  46. I looked through all of them and this is my fave!
    Of course they are al lovely though :)
    Thank you for the chance!

  47. http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|ppd|PPD-006-A
    Love Abstract Designs and Bright Colors.....
    Great giveAWAY gerrysbeadgallery@yahoo.com

  48. Only one! That's too hard

    I love this design and I like that it can be used with so many different colors!

  49. http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|cab|CAB-046-A

    Two of my favorite things - tree plus hearts = win!

  50. http://golemstudio.com/beads2.php?p=d|nat|PEN-054-A|

    I simply love their beads! The colors and designs are so much fun to work with in bead embroidery. Impossible to pick a favorite, but since I'm actually working on this one right now as a necklace for myself, I'll choose this one. It looks like my two cats (ok one is not actually pink, but it does look like her ;~)

  51. http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|wj|WJ-16-A

    I love so many of them, and particularly the green daisy ones. But this really caught my eye due to the colour and composition.

    Cheers from Canada.

  52. http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|cpb|CPB-008-G-XL

    I like that the carving creates depth and crisp division between colors and shapes. Of course, it was VERY difficult to pick ONE favorite!

  53. My favorite is the poppy focals, especially this

    one: http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|ppo|PPOP-10-B

    I love the way the rosy red poppy "pops" against the black background, it's very eye-catching!

  54. Love the flower beads in warm reds. This one is my favorite:


    Thanks for the chance to win ;)

  55. I love everything they do! This is one of my favorites because of the colors though: http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|nat|PEN-005-E

  56. http://golemstudio.com/gallery.php?pg=dx1x143 - I hope I'm doing this right. I love this one it's simple but beautiful.


  57. I love all their stuff. It's gorgeous. I had to pick a favorite so this is it: http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|wjb|WJB-02-B

    Why? It's called Wild Jungle. And it is wild. I love it!

  58. It was so difficult to choose a favorite, they are all so gorgeous. Howver, my absolute favorites would have to be their line of wild jungle pendants; http://golemstudio.com/beadsp.php?p=x|wj||. I love WJ-14-A with the birds. What a great giveaway, keeping my fingers crossed.

  59. I love the daisy design pendants, because they remind me of summer, and they look happy!

  60. http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|cpo|CAB-038-B

    The colors are soft and the design is a beautiful balance of whimsy and sophistication. I would love to create with it! I have ordered it, so I will!!!

  61. I love the poppy bead Item: PPOP-02-B. I sure wish I knew how to copy an URL.
    The beautiful blue background really makes the red of the Poppy POP. I also love the shape of the soft triangle.
    It is stunning.

  62. Wow, what a fantastic giveaway! My favourite, so difficult to choose just one, is this black and White pendant in the Vintage Paisley Textile Designs section. http://golemstudio.com/beads2.php?p=d|ppd|PPD-005-A. The black and White just calls to me, so strong and yet such a soft and feminine design. Thanks for the chance to win.

  63. http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|ppo|PPOP-08-A
    One of many favorites, love this one as I love poppies and dragonflies :)

  64. http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|nat|PEN-002-A

    I love this bead because it reminds me of summer. Summer is fading fast here and I would love it to stay. I would love to make a necklace with this bead as a focal so that I could have the blue skies of summer and the yellow tiger lilies stay with me.

  65. My very favorite bead is this lovely lentil that has so many delicious colors in it. http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|clb|CLB-048-A-M
    I love the variety and tones of these colors on the dark, rich brown. Spectacular!

  66. My favorite piece is the pendant the has hearts on it and I love it because it looks like the hearts are on branches. http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|phl|PHL-22-A

  67. http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|ppo|PPOP-02-A

    My favorite is the SP 17-B small pendants with the flowers!They are the cutest flower beads that I would love to make something with! Thanks for the chance to win.

  68. Oh, this is so hard! How can I just pick one? I gone for this lentil

    I love the layered flower look, there's something a little bollywood about it. But there were so many others I could have chosen as well.....I love Golem's colours. Fingers crossed for the bodacious beads!

  69. http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|phl|PHL-22-A
    It's nearly impossible to pick just one, but I picked this one with a tree full of hearts. I was born on Valentine's day, so hearts have a special place in my own heart.
    Thanks for the opportunity. You rock!

  70. http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|phl|PHL-22-A

    As everyone has said , It's so so hard to pick one they are all wonderfull and so pretty , but given the mood and and the feeling of today this one really caught my eye ! .. I looked overy every page and i kept going back to this one ! , I love the colors of fall , and leaves are a element I use most often in the jewerly and beads I Myself make, and the fact that fall is the best time of year for me , I love walking around in the crisp cool air , I love the smell of auttum , and the fact that it is hearts for leaves , maks me think it's the perfict bead , i LOVE fall , thats what it screams to me :)

  71. http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|wjb|WJB-01-A

    Love the colours and the detailed design on this bead. Very unique!
    Thanks for this awesome contest!

  72. http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|cen|CAB-018-B

    I love this pendant - it reminds me of fields of tulips in Holland but the color palette gives it a Tiffany/Art Deco feel that is very unique. Gorgeous!
    Been drooling over Vladislav and Kremena's creations since seeing the in a recent beading magazine.
    Thanks for having the contest!

  73. http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|cbp|CBP-002-B

    I love the modern feel of this pendant! Thanks for the giveaway and reminding me I need to purchase some new Golem beads!

  74. http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|nat|PEN-070-B|

    I love owls, They are such proud and wise birds. :)

  75. How to pick just one?? After wiping the drool, I settled on this design. Just love the black/white design. Sort of reminds me of a yin-yang sort of thing. Just beautiful & such amazing detail!


  76. The birds are just too cute! http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|nat|PEN-062-A

  77. http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|ped|PED-01-O

    This pendant grabbed my eyes...it reminds of my grandmothers table full of tulips........

  78. I love this daisy pendant. As soon as I seen it I was done. I adore daisies. They make me smile. They are happy, feel good flowers that have a simple, genuine personality to them.


  79. http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|nat|PEN-061-B|

    I love all of the colors in this pendant as well as the shape. Thanks for the opportunity :)

  80. http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|ped|PED-08-A

    Hard to choose with so many beautiful beads, but really love the daisies.
    Thanks for a chance to win and a generous contest.

  81. WOW!!! Your beads are awesome. It was very hard to pick a favorite but I finally settled on your Wild Jungle beads. I work a lot with metals and create very organic looking jewelry. My favorite beads to use with metals are ceramic, and this particular set of beads is screaming my name. I love the colors, the design, the textures.

    Thanks for doing this great giveaway -- I've got your site bookmarked!!


  82. http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|cen|CAB-022-A

    I love cats and this bead is just beautiful!

  83. http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|nat|PEN-071-A

    It was difficult to choose just one but owls have always held a special place in my heart. For me they symbolize wisdom, foresight, and keeper of sacred knowledge.

  84. just oneeh? well for today, I pick this one http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|clb|CLB-066-A-M|

    tomorrow I may choose another :)

  85. http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=t|wjb||
    I love the colors in this bead and its unique design.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win some of their beautiful work.

  86. http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|nat|PEN-003-E
    I love this pendant because I love flowers, especially daisies and it just made me feel happy.

  87. http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|wj|WJ-05-C
    So many neat beads and so hard to pick just one. I ended up liking this one the best though, "wild jungle" in the dark blue and with all the creatures eyes in yellow, it reminded me of the jungle at night with eyes glowing.

  88. My daughter's name is Poppy, and so I love their collection of Poppy pendants. But this one is my favourite! http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|ppo|PPOP-11-E melissa_trudinger at yahoo dot com

  89. http://golemstudio.com/shop2/nat/pen-070-a.jpg
    This one is my fav because I <3 owls!!

  90. http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|ped|PED-06-A

    I love the bright colors of these beads! So pretty. I admit I love flowers, and the wonderful combo of lady-bugs and daisies just makes me happy. It's so cold and autumnul up here in chilly alaska that this makes me smile. =)

  91. http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|ped|PED-13-B

    Daisies were my mom's favorite flower and tulips are my sister's favorite flower ... to me this pendant signifies love and family. I love Vlad and Kremena's work ... their designs are joyful (just like they are!) and their beads just make me happy! This contest makes me happy too! =) Thank you!

  92. http://golemstudio.com/beads2.php?p=d|nat|PEN-066-B

    To be exact this is not my favorite piece, it's just one of my favorites, bur I picked it because of the warm and vibrant colors.

  93. http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|csb|CSB-06-F
    Love these twirly spherical beads. This color choice could work for autumn or summer.
    What a fantastic giveaway!

  94. Oh wow, how to choose JUST one! They are all beautiful, I had trouble narrowing it down...UNTIL I saw the Poppies! I LOVE poppies and this bead is stunning..vivid reds in the meadow. LOVE!


  95. http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=t|pem||
    Choosing 1 thing was quite a challenge!!! I loved the Barcelona pendants - they just blow my mind. My favorite of the group was PEM-o1-C but they are all fabulous. I have seen several artisans use their beads and just love them.

  96. http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|clb|CLB-066-A-M

    I love the stark contrast of this black and white bead. With its colors and lentil shape, it has great flexibility. Love all the beads!

  97. Let's see -- I like this one because it has that "romantic" feel to it. The heart will sit at a "crook" and I like that it won't be so symmetrical. The lace pieces are one of my favorites but I also love the cats in the Nature Designs.

    I don't know!!! I can't pick JUST ONE! AACCKK! And Kristina is right....those tulips are gorgeous!!!

    See! I'm everywhere! LOL!
    Thank you so much for such a wonderful giveaway! Good luck to everybody!

  98. http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|wj|WJ-01-A

    Love this one because its GORGEOUS! And also because one was gifted to me at B&B by Vlad and Kremena so it holds a special place in my heart.

  99. http://golemstudio.com/shop2/thumbs/pen-064-b.jpg I love dragonflies and this one is gorgeous

    Thanks for all you do


  100. That is a hard choice! I'd love to bead with this one.

  101. Http://golemStudio.com/beads.php?P=dlcenlCAB-022-A

    This cab is so adorable!!! Love this piece

    Thank you for the generous giveaway!

  102. This is difficult as there are so many lovely pieces,. But I finally made a choice. :)


  103. http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|nat|PEN-055-A|

    The first time I read this post and started to explore the Bulgarian bead beauties of Golem Studio, I got so into the many beads and design choices, I completely forgot the give-a-way! LOL

    I am choosing the kitty cats focal. They are adorable, and the folk art motif is awesome. This bead is happiness and love.

    Thank you,
    Rita :)

  104. Love the birds! Hard to chose just one! http://golemstudio.com/beads.php?p=d|nat|PEN-062-A

  105. http://golem studio.com/beads.php?p=d%7Cppd%7CPPD-023-A
    So hard to decide on just one! This one seems very ying-yang to me. Simple, serene, beautiful.

  106. This set is my favorite, I'm a sucker for anything pink and black!



  107. Mine would be the Secret Garden: http://golemstudio.com/beadsp.php?p=x|psg|| - a quiet place of beauty!


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