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Beads of Clay PAT at Bead Fest Philadelphia

It's that time of year again Bead Fest Philadelphia is happening this weekend!
(See bottom of post for SPECIAL GIVEAWAY)

Workshops happen Aug. 15-19, 2012
Expo is Aug. 17-19, 2012

This is such a huge and fun bead show to attend as both a bead seller and bead buyer!
There is SO much to see, to buy, and to learn about while you are there.
And lots of social mingling to be had with friends from all over the world that come together for their love of all things beads.

There are FIVE Beads of Clay Professional Artisan Team Members selling work at this show.
Here is a color coded list of where you can find their work to help you find them when your brain gets completely Bead Zombified (overwhelmed by all the beady goodness that you see!)

Bead Fest Philadelphia August 2012 Expo Floor Plan.

Bead Fest Philadelphia August 2012 Close Up Expo Floor Plan
Showing Beads of Clay P.A.T. member booths/tables.
Marsha Neal Studio (represented by D7 Studio) #261/#360
Marsha Neal Studio Textured Clay Disc Beads

Joan Miller Porcelain ~ All new work for Bead Fest!

White Clover Kiln Textured Beads

Jenny Davies-Reazor Multi-Colors Ceramic Beads.

Suburban Girl Tray of Funny Faces

For a complete list of vendors Click Here.

And here is a free day pass for you to print and use:

If you are going to Bead Fest and you purchase any handmade ceramic beads from any our BOCPAT members, or help spread the word about them and their work at Bead Fest...
You qualify to enter this special giveaway!

What is the giveaway?
Marsha will be going around on Saturday to collect beads from the 5 BOCPAT members at the show.
These beads will be photographed and blogged about here on Wednesday, August 22, 2012.

How do you enter?
The August 22 Beads of Clay Blog post will contain a inLinkz gadget where you can link up:
Images of your Bead Loot (including BOCPAT members items - that would be very cool!)
A link to your blog post about your Bead Loot and Friends from Bead Fest.
If you can add a URL to the gadget about Bead Fest and Beads of Clay related fun - go for it!
Entries must be linked up by midnight EST, Thursday, Aug. 30, 2012.
Winner will be picked at random from entries on Friday, Aug. 31, 2012.

We're looking to give folks a view on what it is like to go to a big bead show and have fun.
So make your photos interesting and have a really good time at the show!

PS - You might want to ask a vendor if you can photograph their booth instead of just assuming it is ok.
Some people are very funny about having their items photographed...

Let's see how many pink and purple ribbons we catch people wearing...


  1. Love the diagrams! Thank you for them, I just printed them out so I can find the BOCPAT vendors easily! Looking forward to shopping and mingling with everyone.

    1. You're welcome Kathleen! I can't wait to meet you and everyone else from our online community at the show! It's going to be so much fun!


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