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Beads of Clay Spotlight Designer of the Week!

Tracy Zeller
Getta Gift Jewellery

Everyone...wave at Tracy!

Here are her links:
Etsy Shop: www.etsy.com/shop/gettagift
Blog: http://jewellerywithatwist.blogspot.com/
FaceBook Business Page: www.facebook.com/GettaGiftJewellery
Twitter: @gettagift
Pinterest: I don't pin often, I got bored. 

Tracy's Creation using Karen Totten's Focal

Tracy's Creation using  Duane Collins Focal

1. How often do you use artist beads in your work? Who was your first artist bead crush? (the artist that inspired you to start using or collecting art beads). What is your comfortable price point range for buying an artist bead or bead set? What is the most expensive bead you have ever bought?
I use artist beads in most of my creations. I really fell in love with SeaShore Glass, Amanda's beads make me very happy when I use them. She puts so much care into making her beads and ensuring that you are getting a quality product. 
My breaking point is $35.00, just because I want to make a quality piece that is still affordable for my customers. The most expensive bead was $38.00 (haha, I know its above my breaking point, but it was gorgeous!). 

2. Where is your favorite place to buy art beads? (Do you shop online? In person at bead shows? Bead shops? Large Online Suppliers? etc). And do you use a lot of the beads you buy or just hoard them (and can we see a photo of your art bead stash - we love seeing bead stash pics!)?

I buy mainly online. We have a few local bead shops, but nothing with unique stuff. I mostly use Etsy and Facebook to purchase most of my items. I like supporting the small, independent businesses like myself. And yes, I am a hoarder, I started beading in January 2011 and still have items in my bead stash that I have been hoarding, its so hard to part with some of them. I sometimes feel like Gollum from Lord of the Rings when I'm holding my beads, my precious.

Tracy's Creation using MarlasMud Focal

3. What inspires you to create the style of work you make? Do you come up with a design first, then find beads to fit into that design idea? Or do you find a bead or artist object (pendant, button, cabochon, etc) and then create a design around it? 

My mood inspires me. I've notice that I create the best when I'm feeling good. I pretty much stay away from the bead table when I'm not feeling myself. I typically create around a particular bead or focal. I see things in my mind and try create it, but some times (most times) they start to take a different direction as the piece is coming together. Its not uncommon for me to put together a necklace or bracelet 4-5 times before I actually end up with something I like.

4. What are your favorite bead-related resources? Magazines, Books, Pinterest Boards, Blogs, Websites, FaceBook, Classes, etc. Do you look outside of the "bead industry" for inspiration? What are your favorite resources there?

I really enjoy seeing fellow artisans and their work, especially if I'm in a slump. The use of their colors, techniques really give me a boost. I enjoy reading bead magazines and keep a stack beside my bed for late night reading. I also enjoy looking up new techniques on You Tube, watching videos on how to do new things. I hope some day to expand my abilities into creating components of some kind, but at the moment being a full time mom takes up most of my days. 

5. What is your favorite color palette to design with? Do you prefer a particular style of bead, button, pendant, etc? What is your bead downfall? You know - the one you just have to have no matter what? 
I'm an Autumn girl and I love the earth tones. I try really hard to push myself outside of those rich, earthy colors. I'm naturally drawn to them, I can't resist. I push myself to do pinks, light purples & blues & yellows. I appreciate the colors, they just don't always come naturally to me. 
I really don't have a preference for bead, button, pendant, I could take any of the above as long as the piece speaks to me. The moment I see a bead, pendant, etc. and if an idea immediately pops into my head THEN I know I have got to buy that particular item. 

6. What part of the world do you live in? Do you find that you are inspired by things around you every day or do you daydream about living somewhere else? What is your creative space like? Where and when do you find you create your best work (do you watch TV, listen to music, audio books, etc when you create)? What are your favorites.

I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Calgary is nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains to the west and then we have the wide open prairies to the east. We get the best of both worlds. Is it sad that I don't feel like I have created anything based upon my surroundings? And I don't daydream about living anywhere else, so what's that telling me??? LOL I really create for me. 
I have a nice work space in our basement, but always end up monopolizing our dining room table. I typically work on my jewellery in the evenings after my child goes to bed, so that puts my creativity between 9 p.m. and 1 a.m. or I try to squeeze in a pair of earrings while my child is watching a cartoon so that's why I always end up in the dining room, for convenience. 
I don't really pay attention to the music or tv on around me while I'm creating simply because the sounds can range from my favorite music to an episode of Caillou. Again, I'm unaffected by that, I'm usually somewhere in my own head thinking and talking the piece through.

Thank you Tracy! We love getting to know Jewelry Designs!

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  1. What an awesome interview Tracy! It was great getting to know you and more about how you create your work. Your pieces are fabulous!!!

  2. Fantastic interview, Traci!! Congrats! It's wonderful to see that you've been featured on here. Your designs are always beautiful, and it's good to get to know the person behind those designs. Keep up the good work!

  3. Great interview and fabulous work! :)

  4. Nice interview! So fun to find out more about such a talented and sweet person and I'm a fan of Traci's designs.

  5. I enjoyed reading this interview and there's a lot I can agree with - reworking a piece 4 or 5 times and being a Autumn girl preferring earth tones. Nice work.


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