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Vintage Rose Brooch

Nothing says summer like roses, of course we are in mid winter here in Namibia, but our weather is mild and I still have a few roses blooming
My Rose Brooch is a little clunky, but I was afraid to make the petals too thin in earthenware clay.

Rose Pendants by Work Of Our Hands

Roses are not so hard to make, (here's a video) Wow is she ever fast though. 
Here is a video on painting roseshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swHXycFjgkM  I could do with some soft music instead of toddler chatter, but the technique is great.

rose motif beads by Work Of Our Hands

Very very simple rose motif
The easiest of all is to paint a dot in underglaze, and then scratch a spiral so that the white clay shows.
Hope you enjoy working in your clay rose garden this summer !
Val in Namibia

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