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Color Inspiration - July

Welcome to the new monthly post here on Beads of Clay related to Color Inspirations.

We are delighted that Brandi Hussey of BrandiGirlBlog has agreed to work with us to provide us with a few seasonal color palettes and themes to help inspire our BOC PAT members and our Blog readers to create beautiful work that relates to the upcoming seasons here in the US.

Take a few minutes to hop over to her blog: BrandiGirlBlog.
Ok - you will be there for more than a few minutes - her site is awesome and you will find so much inspiration for your art as well as things you need to do to update your business, learn from eBooks, etc. If you have Photoshop or Photoshop Elements - she offers lots of things (e-classes, tutorials, some freebies, etc) that relate to those programs to help you really make your work shine.
And she offers design services if you are looking to hire someone to help.

We think she is amazing!
And we are honored to have her working with Beads of Clay and our audience,
giving us something to focus projects on to take our artistic voice to the next level.

So every month, on the Thursday right before "Third Friday", Brandi will share a blog post with us that has at least one (if not a couple or even a few) of her favorite seasonally inspired color palettes.

On Friday, we will coordinate our Third Friday Cone 6 Glaze post with her Color Inspiration palettes.
The following week on Thursday, we will be showing off a bunch of our Beads of Clay Professional Artist Items that relate to that color palette.

It would be amazing to see this monthly challenge take off and be able to incorporate designers finished designs, using BOC PAT member items, within color palettes into some design challenges here on the Beads of Clay Blog (we'll have to see about that and if there is enough interest!).

So here is the July 2012 Palette for us to get this going:
BrandiGirlBlog Color Inspiration (July 2012): Pier Palette
Look for Brandi start posting here monthly on August 16, 2012!

Tomorrow, July 20, 2012 will be the Cone 6 Glaze Color Palette Post.
Thursday, July 26, 2012 will be the Follow Up post showing off the BOCPAT member items related to this Color Inspiration Challenge.

How does this palette inspire you?


  1. Welcome Brandi! I'll be lookinf forward to your color palettes and the coordinating beads.

    1. Thanks so much, Linda! I'm super excited to be here!

  2. Yummy! I wish I was there. And congrats on the new monthly feature. Your palettes are the best.

  3. Wow, LOVE the pier palette of color Brandi! Awesome for glazing inspiration --- really excited about your monthly color feature :D


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