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BOC Design Challenge

Beads of Clay invited 10 wonderful Jewelry Designers into our Team in order to show you how you can use our
 Ceramic Beads and Pendants 
in your Jewelry Designs
This is the first of many Design Challenges for them.
Here are:
The Components

This is an Eclectic Grouping of Components. 
We wanted to give the Designers a REAL challenge!
Do you think we did?

The Folks that Donated Components

Raku Rectangles - Duane Collins-Elements Pottery
Beads - Golem Studio
  Vintaj Chain and Bead Caps - Marla James
Please Hop on down the road to our Designers blogs
 to view all the finished Pieces that they have created.
And then stop back here and let us know what you think, 
cause you never know WHAT we have up our sleeves! 

Linda Landig - Linda's Bead Blog
Susan Kennedy - SueBeads Blog
Staci Klinger Smith - Staci Louise Blog


  1. This was a great challenge - thank you all so much for the opportunity :0)

  2. This was a mighty challenge and the participants did really well. I enjoyed seeing how everyone's design looked different - very inspiring!
    Desiree Malan

    1. Keep watching! Another reveal with a new set of Beads of Clay will be up on Sept. 1st!

  3. It is interesting to see all the different designs made with exactly the same beads. I won't even try to pick a favorite one because they are all favorites in their own way!!

    good job everyone!!

    1. Didn't they do fabulous? I love them all as well. Thanks for posting!

  4. I too am struck by how each person's designs are totally different than the others. When artists speak of "finding your voice", this is exactly what is meant. So cool!

  5. Beautiful beads! I love the see the outcome when you have the artist's bead creations combined with the jewelry designer's vision of the completed piece. It's the meshing of the two creative forces that I find fascinating.

  6. Lots of creativity in all of the designs, my favorites were Staci and Lesley...can I say that? :O)


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