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Beads of Clay Giveaway

July Beads Of Clay

Giveaway Time!

Once a month we give you stuff 

And the winner is.........Sally Bohner Anderson

Just look at these Awesome Beads and Pendants!
This collection is valued at OVER $75!

Left to right, top to bottom we have:

 Porcelain Heart from  Diana Ptaszynski
 Porcelain daggers from Joan Miller
Porcelain Heart with Leaf from Lise Nilsen
Stoneware Carved Beads from  Golem Studio

( Just click on the Artist names above to see more of their work! )

These beauties will go to ONE lucky Person!

All you have to do to WIN all of this is:
1. Share this giveaway on your facebook page or blog 
2.Follow our Blog
3. Comment below with a link to your post

and tell us why you love Beads of Clay. 

We will choose a winner on July 11th using Random.org.

So share away!



  1. I love your beads of clay blog and I am crazy about clay and beads made from this fantastic medium....I hope one day to be as accomplished as the artist who donated these beautiful beads

  2. So many beautiful beads, how could you not love them! I'd sure love to win. I already follow this blog and just shared on FB. https://www.facebook.com/?ref=tn_tnmn#!/DreamSome.Etsy

  3. These are beautiful, I have only just started with clay for a few months now so I am learning. I hope one day I can make beautiful beads and pendants like these. I have only learned so far how to make to canes but trying to watch videos to learn more. So I hope that maybe I can win so I can try to learn how to make something like them.

  4. Holy cow - these are gorgeous! Crossing fingers. : )

  5. Oh... and here's the link to my FB page with post:

    Also tweeted...

  6. These are just stunning! How generous of these artists! I have shared on FB: https://www.facebook.com/#!/patti.van

  7. Wow these are amazing, I would love to win. I am now a blog follower. Sharing on FB https://www.facebook.com/#!/sonya.ingersollstille

  8. Beautiful beads, I love clay beads, I love all beads! Following the blog too! https://www.facebook.com/AngieMcGrew-LeBlanc

  9. All of them are wonderful... I love ceramic or porcelain beads...
    Beads of Clay is also wonderful...! your beads are awesome...I like natural color of your beads too... ^_^

  10. Gorgeous beads--I'd love to win those! So many beautiful beads on this site. I am a follower!

  11. I really want to win these beautiful beads

  12. OH MY what an amazing giveaway!!! I will be sharing on FB as soon as I finish my comment. Having only worked with Suburban Girl goodies I will have to say I want more clay goodness. I love the feel of the glazes, the color blends in the light and well they just feel sooo good to work with!

  13. I follow your blog. I posted to my facebook page. Not sure if this is the right way to leave a link to it or not.

  14. Would love LOVE to win this one! Gorgeous stuff here. I am following you and now will go post to fb. Thank you!

  15. I posted to FB: https://www.facebook.com/sally.b.anderson.1

  16. shared on fb https://www.facebook.com/shannon.chomanczuk

  17. I shared! http://www.facebook.com/expostfactojewelry And I love this blog 'cos it has introduced me to some new artists that I adore :)

  18. Love these beads--each so unique. I shared here: https://www.facebook.com/lindalandigjewelry

  19. OK, I entered again... I posted on my facebook page (don't ask me how to give you the link), I just know I am listed as Cindy Earl Higgins on facebook. I won June's giveaway... I still need to photograph the stash & post it on my blog & facebook... then on to create with the fabulous treasures!

  20. Fab beads, LOVE! I just blogged about your contest, I'd love to win but hey. I just love your beads, so! Let's get the word out there about them, always something great to write about. Gotta love handmade ceramic beads.

  21. Count me in please :)
    I facebook'd it -> http://www.facebook.com/sandra.mcgriff.7

    As for why I love beads of clay... what's not to love? lol

  22. What an amazing giveaway! I would love to win. I shared to my personal FB page. https://www.facebook.com/lisamlodge What's not to love about BOC? Everything is beautiful. I am really loving those Golem beads!

  23. Shared on facebook! I love Beads of Clay - they are so beautiful! I NEED more beads! (yeah right)! I am now a follower of your blog! (deelitefuljewelrycreations.blogspot.com) I hope I win!!

  24. Hiya Beads of clay!
    I am following your blog.
    I shared this Give-Away on my FB page@Rising Designs.
    I love this blog because it is all about beads and clay and making beads
    and sharing.

  25. I shared on my fb page at www.facebook.com/mymicromacrame. I love making jewelry pieces with handcrafted clay beads and pendants - so much more special than anything mass produced!

  26. Just finding my love of clay beads!!

  27. Wow, clay beads are so versatile and beautiful! And I love the fact that they are each so unique.


  28. I shared on my business page https://www.facebook.com/TerraBeadworks
    and on my personal page https://www.facebook.com/katherine.gale.988
    I am following you - can't believe I wasn't doing that already... these beads are gorgeous. I am trying to use more earthy clay beads in my jewelry to add to gemstones and lampwork glass. Gives it another dimension that was missing before. Thanks

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  29. Although I've always been a fan of art beads, it wasn't until this year's Bead & Button show when I got to see some handmade clay beads in person and meet the artists behind them, that I realized I could no longer live without them! This blog is my way of stalking them ... nicely. =) I now follow this blog and I shared this giveaway on my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/BeadLolaBead. Thank you!

  30. Awesome Beads, nothing Beats a Handmade Bead. =) The Artist Pours a bit of her/ his Soul and Heart into the Creation, how Beautiful is it that you can Work with those little Pieces of Art?! ♥
    Thanx for Playing this GiveAway! =) Mx
    Shared on my Personal FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/MixesJewelry and on my Business Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/M-ixes-Jewelry/146272191263.

  31. Beautiful beads I just posted to fb. Thanks for sharing.

  32. I've been a BOC fan for a long time! And like a couple of others here, I can't believe I wasn't already following the blog!! I am now, though. :-)

    I have beads made by several of the members already, and I've used quite a few in my jewelry creations. They're an endless source of inspiration.

    Posted about the giveaway on my biz page:


  33. Absolutely beauties - all of them. That is one thing I love about you all - such diversity but all out of clay!! I am a follower. Thanks for the chance.

  34. Looks great!!! You have some very interesting beads in your giveaway!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  35. Ohhh what lovelies! I shared this at http://www.facebook.com/spiceboxdesigns Would love to win! I am already a follower :)

  36. Shared on my facebook page....and always looking for new beads to work with....love your stuff and blog

  37. Those beads are so gorgeous and I would love to give them a new home.

    I am your follower thru GFC (Shaiha) and I shared on my blog


  38. I love Beads of Clay because that is how I got linked to my favorite ceramic bead creator, Yolanda owner of Yolandas Clay. Her work is beautiful and every piece I have used it in has been treasured by the new owner.
    I am a follower of your blog and I am more than happy to share on my facebook page. Creative Designs by Cheri.


    My blog


  39. I love stuff that is handmade, quality and unique. So what's not to love? Those beads are beautiful. I have followed and shared it on my fan page:

  40. I love BOC because they are beautiful things made by beautiful people! I follow, in fact I stalk and I've shared this on my FB page https://www.facebook.com/theajewellery.
    Pick me, pick me,,,,pleeeeeeeze:0)

  41. I'm so happy to find your blog through a facebook post about this giveaway. You've a great collection of talent here and I am amazed and excited that I've found your group.. I now follow and here's my post: http://lilmummylikes.blogspot.jp/2012/07/giveaway-at-beads-of-clay.html
    Why I like beads of clay is in the post. I like Beads of Clay because I am always looking for unique pieces and this is like the key to a trasure chest of unique clay pieces.

  42. I love beads of clay because you have beautiful beads all the time and I shared on fb http://www.facebook.com/izolucy

  43. I "liked" and facebooked. Here's my link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/BeadSwede-Studios/167755109902463
    Thanks for this giveaway, I sure would love to win these gorgeous beads!

  44. Lovely giveaway, thank you for the opportunity!

  45. I am just starting out. I have never seen beads like these. Very Cool!
    Hope I win them. Thanks!!
    I shared and pinned it.

  46. Tweeted this here: https://twitter.com/LindaLandig
    Ad of course I already follow BOC!

  47. I am a new follower...came to you through Micro Macrame and so glad she shared!! I was just on Golem Studio's website for about an hour last night!! Clay beads are my newest obsession, such talent here. I would LOVE to win these gorgeous beads, thanks!!

  48. https://www.facebook.com/jamie.l.martin.50/posts/181563551975118 I love these beads; my bead collection is dwindling, and that makes me so sad; it all fits in a tiny box.

  49. I love beads of clay because I love beads of clay! Use many of them in my work.

    I've shared on FB, but I'm a bit more concerned about privacy than most, and when I tested a couple of the others' links here (with https: urls, which are SUPPOSED to be secure), I got into their FB pages without being "friends." It just makes me too nervous to post that link here in public! Sorry.

  50. I have more followers on twitter so I shared there. I also followed your blog!


  51. Your beads are beautiful. I am fairly new to following the blogs. I have posted a link that I shared on my FB page, and I follow your blog!

    Thank you,

  52. http://www.facebook.com/Linda2B/posts/321810167909577

    I love BEADS!!!!

  53. Love your beads and blog. I follow you on Facebook all the time. I make glass beads but I am constantly looking for ceramic beads to combine them.

  54. I adore Beads of Clay, the idea of such a natural ingredient being turned into all sorts of little masterpieces fascinates me!!
    I follow the blog via GFC as deb_oro and via Networked blogs as Despina Vnt and also shared on Facebook (tagging you), as Despina Vnt


  55. Beads of Clay give character, charm and that extra special touch in every design, I absolutely love them!!
    I follow via Networked blogs (as Gloria Grahame) and via email
    I also shared on FB (as Gloria Grahame):

    Joanna-Gloria, yana_ven@yahoo.gr

  56. I have become enchanted with the wonderful clay beads that are being made now & I would like to start using them in my work. I posted your giveaway on my blog. Thanx for the change to win these beads.

  57. I am continually inspired by the BOC blog and enjoy all the tips and tutorials as well. I would love to win these pretty beads! Already a follower and here is my share:


  58. Lovely!
    Thank you for this chance!!
    Link to my Facebook where I posted about the giveaway:
    Im also following your lovely blog!
    I love Beads of Clay because the possibilities are endless in what you can create with it,
    Thanks so much!

  59. Dang you Internet connection I almost missed this... Pick me ... Pick me.... Haha I would love to win all these yummies.... Just in case my name doesn't show up it Lana Banana :)

  60. https://www.facebook.com/FireflyMyst

    I love beads and pendants! Beads of Clay ROCKS!!

  61. I love BOC because I am a total ceramic bead ho. I admit it. Shared on my page: https://www.facebook.com/GlassAddictions AND a bonus...shared it on the AJE page: https://www.facebook.com/ArtJewelryElements

  62. I am in love with ceramic beads!! Mostly the ones hand made and original! I have so much respect for the art. https://www.facebook.com/susan.jaisle

  63. 1. Shared
    3. Comment: I love clay beads because I don't have the time, patience, or equipment to make my own. Great job promoting clay beads.

  64. Gorgeous beads! Would love to have a chance to win ;) --I posted this to my facebook account.


  65. Hi again, just FYI I started following you too!

  66. I shared on Facebook! Such great artists! I really enjoy seeing everyone's work!

  67. WOOHOO! I'm so excited to win this that I cannot sit still! Thank you so so much!


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