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Another UFO!

~~~~UFO Sighting~~~~

UFO for us means.....Unique Fabulous Originals!

Every now and again, we will sneak into our Professional Artisan Team members stores and snap a picture of some of their Awesome pieces of Art. Then we will bring it back here for all to see. 

Today's UFO sighting comes from:

Here's what she has to say about herself:

In 1985 I became interested in working with clay and played around developing a method where I could combine my printmaking background with this new medium. After several months of trial and error, I developed the technique I currently use to create my jewelry line, which incorporates printing and painting with underglazes and glazes on slab rolled earthenware clay. 

I also do slip cast ceramic pieces, most of which I pour, clean, decorate, glaze and kiln fire, as well as the slab rolled jewelry. My designs are all original and I am involved in every step of production. I have a studio in Rockford, MI called Squires Street Gallery, although all of my sales are through the internet, gift shops, galleries and shows.
All of my designs are originial and copyrighted 
by me.

All Handmade, All Earthenware Clay, All original Designs.

Please stop by Gracie's Store and "Like" it!

And Keep your eyes to the skies...........
 or here on Mondays ;-) 
for more UFO Sightings!


  1. Thank you for selecting me for this week's UFO. I've been busy filling my store with new pieces. One minor correction, "All Handmade, All Porcelain, All original Designs." Should read: "All Handmade, All Earthenware Clay, All original Designs." Thanks again,

    1. Great! I would love to give porcelain a try, but haven't taken that step yet.....Thanks again, Marla!

  2. -Love that cow with matching beads! Very cute and original ;)


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