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Commercial Glazes: Comparing Colors with Pantone Fall 2012

Welcome to my monthly post about Cone 6 Commercial Glazes!
Last month, I touched on some glazes that were in line with the Spring 2012 Pantone Fashion Color report
This month, I'm focusing some tests on the trending "Fall 2012 Pantone Fashion Color Report".
And just a reminder - these glaze colors do not match the Pantone colors exactly - because glazes aren't that consistent through the application and firing process, but rather, these are mostly glazes that I have on hand that I could grab and use and have some pieces that fit into these palettes to offer to my customers (handmade jewelry designers).

And it is fun to have something to focus on to come up with new color palettes.
Marsha Neal Studio Glaze Tests inspired by Pantone's Fall 2012 Fashion Color Report.
Reverse side of MNS Glaze Tests (with glaze codes).
Pantone Fall 2012 Color Names and Commercial Glaze Codes.
 So as I keep looking at glazes I have, and the pantone chart, then test new colors, then think about how things all relate - it all gets overwhelming...
But really - can one ever have enough glazes?!
Some Variations from new tests.
Summer 2012 Retail store mens t-shirts.
 And just the other day I had to run some errands, I decided to take a quick photo of the summer display of these colorful mens t-shirts that just jumped out to me as fitting the Pantone Summer into Fall 2012 fashion colors. Perfect timing!

Then as I was looking over the color I had picked out for Fall 2012, then changing some after I read the descriptive page from the Pantone Fall Fashion 2012 pdf I've got downloaded and put some of these color combinations together. 
Suggested Fall 2012 color combinations.
 And where does this lead me?
To lots of glaze tests...
Combining colors, layering, mixing, trying various things to see what colors I can get and how consistent the results are so I can update my website with color choices for my beads, pendants, buttons, cabs & shards.
And by the time I'm done - I've got a whole new color line.
Which just today I really realized - was really long overdue.
Which I am totally excited about getting things updated (only one more glaze firing to go!)

What new glaze projects are you working on?


  1. Marsha, Marsha, Marsha (ok, lame Brady Bunch sideways reference!), love the new colors! I can hardly wait to shop (well, I have to wait a little while, for fundage.) However, I see a new Marsha Neal purchase in my future!

    1. Thanks Mary!!! I hope we'll be doing some posts here on BOC showcasing a bunch of different artists work that all have color palettes that work well together :) Beads, Beads, Beads!!! PS - Love the Brady Bunch!

  2. I am loving the Pantone Fall 2012 color palette and your new glazes!

    1. Thanks Kathleen! I think fall is my favorite seasonal color palette. Lots of muted tones that I just adore. I can't wait to refresh my website with these new color palettes. It's like getting a spa makeover (darn - now I wish I could do one of those. Home style will have to do ;)

  3. Marsha, you're so awesome! I already own all but one of the glazes you used for your fall test tiles (serious glaze junkie am I LOL) --- thanks for the inspiration!

    Heehee on the Brady Bunch reference, I'm of the proper vintage to appreciate it :D

  4. I envy you. I work with enamels (on metal that is). We can't buy and "mix till you get the right color" as easily. I wonder how you made sure your printer was not lying to you. Thanks for the ideas and inspiration.

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  6. Thank you Marsha - I've been meaning to tell you that you have an incredible sense for matching color and selecting the right glazes and stains. I know it's not always easy to do. You hit it on the head for that Fall Pantone palette. They're pretty darn close.

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