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Commercial Glazes: Comparing Colors with Pantone Spring 2012

Welcome to my monthly post about Cone 6 Commercial Glazes!
This month, I'm focussing some tests on the trending "Spring 2012 Pantone Fashion Color Report".
Not that these glaze colors match the Pantone colors exactly - because glazes aren't that consistent through the application and firing process, but rather, these are glazes that I have that I could grab and use and have some pieces that fit into these palettes to offer to my customers (handmade jewelry designers).
Marsha Neal Studio Pantone Spring 2012 Glaze Test - Front.

Marsha Neal Studio Pantone Spring 2012 Glaze Test - Back.
And for those of you that use Cone 4-6 Commercial Ceramic Glazes,
Here is a list of the colors that I picked because of the way they looked on my clay body.
Wonder how they would look on yours (or what glazes you have in your stash that are similar?)
Marsha Neal Studio Labeled Glaze Tests.
Some of these will be showing up in the Fall palette post.I sorted through all these glazes to get the final ones above.
Marsha Neal Studio Glaze Tests for Spring and Fall 2012.
I wanted to get down to just one of each color.
It's hard sometimes. Downright frustrating.
And trying to be exactly matching with ceramic glazes - ugh!
I would rather have palettes based on something than try to make them exact.
Marsha Neal Studio - First round of choices.
So I took my notebook, my test tiles, my scrapbook paper (my photo background), and my fast version of printed out Pantone color palettes and referenced my internet via phone for better color pictures to pick out the final pieces. Getting to the final stages was fun!
Marsha Neal Studio Getting set up for choosing palettes and photographing...
Fun because I was able to play here - in my studio with all kinds of glazes.
Something that my regular daily activity keeps me away from.
Glazes are picked based on thsese quick printouts from the Pantone Website.
It's good to have deadlines to work towards,
because being self employed - it makes you keep a schedule.
And look at all these great beads that were sorted and started to be glazed...
Marsha Neal Studio - The next step. Make work with these palettes in mind!
And now with this palette in mind - there will be some nice fresh colors added to my bead line.
Marsha Neal Studio Pantone Spring 2012 Color Choices.
So what glazes do you have that you find work in this palette?
Do you use glazes alone?
Do you mix some?
Use underglazes?
I'm curious to know...

I can't wait to show you the ones I picked out for the Fall palette!

What other kinds of things inspire you for picking out certain colors to glaze with?
See you in June!


  1. 'love color and Pantone. Great job on your individual pieces, I want one of each! =)

  2. I esp.love the 2 on the top left and the purple and green that are next to each other. Yum!

  3. Wonderful post - I love seeing color play like this! One of my favs is Coyote 017.
    (btw, I think the MS74 is Laguna?)

    1. Karen - Thanks for your extra eyes! Yes. MS74 is Laguna (not Lagoona - ha) or Coyote. Must get that photo corrected and updated.

  4. Very cool post! I admire all the work that goes into the glazing process to get just exactly what you're looking for...or even happy accidents. :) Thanks for sharing!


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