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Bead Star 2012 Voting Is Open - Ceramics

Interweave Press: Bead Star Special Issue
Interweave Press sent out a call for entries of handmade jewelry designers to submit their work for the Bead Star Competition from April 1 - 27, 2012. 
Of the items submitted into each category, 20 finalists were chosen.

From May 11 to May 28, 2012 (RIGHT NOW!)
The public is asked to log in to the Beading Daily website, and cast a vote for their favorite pieces in the various categories.

The pieces that receive the most votes in a category are then submitted to the magazine, and after some photography and instructions, it gets published in the 2012 December issue of Jewelry Stringing Magazine!

So in the Ceramics category, there are a few designs that made it into the final round that focus on using Handmade Artist Ceramic Beads:

If you could swing by and vote for these beauties, if you do in fact like them...
It would help show that people do appreciate handmade jewelry that incorporates handmade beads!

Jessica Stoops "Coffee Time" Necklace.
Jessica's description of the piece:
Anytime, is the perfect time to take a coffee break with this necklace. I used ceramic beads and pendant by Gaea Beads. The clock is fully functional. I used fairy ribbon and brass toggle.

Gaea's "Love Is Grand"
Gaea's description of the piece:
This asymmetrical design uses copper and ceramic elements with red and white beads and crystal.

Lorelei Eurto's "Wishing" Necklace.
Lorelei's description of the piece:
Beads have been hand-knotted on chocolate brown linen cording.
Ceramic beads from:
ChelleV2- Michelle Johnston
Elaine Ray
Round Rabbit- Nancy Schindler
Kylie Parry
Diane Hawkey
Marsha Neal Studio
Jean Christen

Shannon, from For My Sweet Daughter "Bird Song"
Shannon's description of the piece:
Bracelet made with wire wrapped handmade ceramic beads and one lampwork glass bead. The beautiful feather charm, fire polished glass bead and ceramic flower make a fun and playful dangle.

Erin Siegel's "Spice of Life" Bracelet.
Erin's description of the piece:
Spice of Life bracelet. Beads by Keith O'Connor.

There are voting instructions on the Beading Daily website for this competition.
Once you log in, you can vote for as many of your favorite pieces you want, but only one time per listing.

As a group of Artists that work hard to make unique handmade beads,
We love seeing all of these talented jewelry designers incorporate our handmade beads into their fabulous designs. 
And if you would help show your support by voting for their projects for this competition, it would show that you too appreciate handmade beads and the jewelry designers that use them.

Remember - Vote for the ones you like the best because they will be the ones gracing the pages of Jewelry Stringing Magazine in December...

Thank you to everyone that submitted work to Bead Star using Handmade Beads!
Not just ceramic beads, but any kind of bead made by an Handmade Bead Artist...
Your work is that much more special because of what you put into it.
Thank You!!!

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