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Commercial Glazes: Coyote Shino Tests

Written by Marsha of Marsha Neal Studio

As I was working through some of my previous tests for this monthly glaze post, I thought I would give some of the Coyote Clay Shino glazes I had on hand a test.

This is one of my favorite color combinations:
Chocolate clay body (cone 4-6) with Coyote's #42 Shino (applied by dipping, then wiping off excess drips).
Marsha Neal Studio Chocolate Clay Donut Pendants in Shino Glaze

Marsha Neal Studio Textured Beads.
Chocolate + 042 Shino on Left. Porcelain + 042 Shino on Right.
Here is a quick photo mosaic that I created of the original test tile, and the sample bead sets that were all fired in the same kiln to Cone 5. 
The back of the test tile (the second set) is marked with the number code for the Coyote Glaze.
Marsha Neal Studio Cone 5 Glaze firing with Coyote Shino Glazes Test Results.
As usual, some of these tests need to have the glaze mixed more or applied a bit thicker for better results, but this gives an impression for a great starting point for some glazes that will give you great fall copper and rust with a flash of some other color - color tones to add to your glaze palette.

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