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Selling Beads to Buy More Beads?

There seems to be this trend among people that enjoy using beads and making beads.
Seems that most of us make beads or jewelry and sell them to do what else?
Buy More Beads...

Three of our Beads of Clay Professional Artist Team Members:
Starry Road Studio
Suburban Girl Studio
White Clover Kiln
Are running a special for that specific reason - to sell beads, to get money, to buy more beads...

Check out their blogs for more details on this sale!
Their destination: Bead Fest Philadelphia.

If you are going to Bead Fest Philly Spring, you might run into these ladies around the show!
You can find some of the BOCPAT team members work (Lisa Peters Art, Marsha Neal Studio and possibly Jenny Davies-Reazor) through bead embroidery kits at the Bead My Love booth 619.

Click here for an admission coupon to the Bead Fest Spring show.

Do you find that you fall into this cycle too?
Buy beads, make jewelry, sell jewelry, buy more beads?
Make beads, sell beads, buy more beads?
You could probably associate this to just about any item within our realm of bead, jewelry, and arts & crafts supplies! What is your favorite thing to buy at shows?

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