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Natalie's Notes

 I thought it would be fun to take out three texture making tools and apply them to different size sphere shaped beads.

I am always interested in how multiple textures will appear on the different size beads.   Will those shapes compete or compliment each other?

 I started out with this simple heart cutter tool.  After I photographed this picture, I decided the largest bead needed a few more hearts.

The sizes I am working will, after they are fired, be around 22 mm, 13 mm, and 9 mm.

So far so good ...

 I have run out of my coffee stirrer straws so when I was looking for something to make a circle shape with, I realized my cotton swabs could function in the same way if I cut it in half.

In no time at all I had hearts and circles. 

Sometimes what works on a larger bead doesn't work on a smaller bead.  But, I think, this is definitely working.  I still like it.

The last step was to add the square shape.  The only smooth place left to texture was inside the heart.  So I did.

It is said that we all have a hole in our heart that only God can fill. Now, I don't know everything about God and I'm pretty certain He's not a square, but that's what came into my thoughts as I was pushing in this last texture shape. 

A lot of times I am only looking at texture but I don't think about how the texture can represent something.  It's nice when it can, yes?

When I started applying these textures I had my doubts about the smallest bead and how it may or may not work with so many textures.  The last thing I want is for a bead's texture to feel crowded.  I think, however, that even on the smallest bead this combination of textures works fine.  Now all that's left is to make a few more of each of these and poke the stringing holes.

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. I love the stamping, such great texture!

  2. Hi,
    oh wow great idea, wonderful

  3. Wonderful post Natalie !! I found it so interesting to see how the textures worked as you added more and more to each bead. I love the way you used the photos to show the process. I think all of the beads came out very well.


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