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Commercial Glazes Cone 6 Tests Georgies Part 3

Welcome to the Third Friday Commercial Cone 6 glaze test post.
This is part 3 of testing some Georgies Glazes.
Part 1 is here. Part 2 is here.
This third part is running the same tests, in my larger kiln, fired to Cone 5.
Left = Sm. Kiln Cone 5. Middle = Sm. Kiln Cone 6. Right = Lg. Kiln Cone 5.
The photo above shows the single glaze tests from the three different firings.
Below are the detail shots with the same firing arrangement:
Left = Sm. Kiln Cone 5. Middle = Sm. Kiln Cone 6. Right = Lg. Kiln Cone 5.
For some of these base glazes trying to mix them better and find the perfect brushing application stage seems to have helped. The larger kiln under computer controlled firing and slightly slower cooling (because of the general size difference) and the flow of oxygen (it is a direct vented kiln) during the firing allows for more glaze "frothiness" in puddling areas.
Left = Sm. Kiln Cone 5. Middle = Sm. Kiln Cone 6. Right = Lg. Kiln Cone 5.
For these above mixes there was some great stuff that came out of the large cone 5,
Let me show you...
Both on the white background and on my hand...
Test 1
Test 2
Test 3
Test 4
Test 5
Test 6
Test 7
Test 8
Test 9
Test 10
Test 11
Test 12
Test 13
Want to see what glaze combinations I used for these tests?
Check out my previous post where you can see an image of my glaze test notebook.

As I continue to create these monthly blog posts on glaze testing, I'm curious about what you are up to in your studio and what kind of testing you are doing. Not only that, but I wonder what kinds of clay you are using, and how any similar tests might look on your clay body.

So I'm looking for a few BOC members to send me some Cone 6 clay bisque pieces,
(bisque fired to Cone 04). 
I will need to know what clay body you are using,
(manufacturer name and clay name or number, firing range). 
And I would like the test tiles to be of the same dimensions, 
(no larger than 1"wide x 1.75"long and no thicker than 4mm so they are light weight).
Also, the pieces will need to be suspended to be fired to be comparable to the tests here, so there will need to be a hole at least 2mm in diameter near the top of the piece.
I also prefer to have clay that has some sort of texture to it so you can see how the glaze breaks.
These pieces may be used in a future BOC blog post.
If you want them returned to you, you will need to pay postage & for any kind of insurance, etc.

If you are interested, email me: Marsha {at} MarshaNealStudio.com
*This is a limited offer*

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