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Ceramic in Translation

These days I'm cooking nourishing food, fancy food even, and not clay. I'm sure I'm not alone!

In the interest of honoring those of us with dual roles, adding to our pleasure and not our  stress (my own included), I'm sharing an inspirational "thing I do" to expand my visual library.

By now, you know I love to explore history and culture. So, this post is about tapping cultural resources...directly. I like to search the web's ceramic images in primary languages. Rather than typing "Persian ceramic" and doing an English-language based search, it's a lot more fun, and informative, to go to an image search engine and enter "ceramic art," in Persian: هنر سرامیک

See what I mean?

*So, in the interest of "holiday-easy," here's a quick list, a visual library of ceramic images, from around the world:

Danish - keramisk kunst

Russian - керамика

Turkish - polikrom seramik

Indonesian - seramik sanatı

*These links go very well with a glass of port.

So, my challenge:

Add to this collection in the Comments section!

What country's ceramics interest you? Some countries with large clay deposits, to start with: Ukraine, Brazil, Armenia, Peru. (Aside from Afrikaans, sub-saharan Africa is represented in Google Translate only by Swahili & it works poorly: hmm! It is always instructive to learn who, and what, is being left out.)

How to for any language:

1. Go to Google Translate and enter the English term(s) you would like to use.
2. Choose your target language.
3. Highlight the translation, opposite click and choose Google search.
4. At the search page, choose Images from top bar (far left).
5. To refine further: at Images page, choose "By subject" from the left menu.
6. Choose "sorted by relevance" when you arrive on the page that is returned.
7. Options 5 &6 are not available for all languages

Suggested terms:

ceramic art
polychrome ceramic
traditional ceramic art
ceramic tile
ceramic decorative arts


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  2. Nice one!
    Thank you, *flowers*!

    Dutch - keramische kunst

  3. super cool idea. thanks so much for posting this!!

  4. Thank you, Mary. It's like owning your own custom 500 whatevers book ;)


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