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More Clay in Print: Heather Powers' Jewelry Designs from Nature

Have you seen Heather Powers' new book??  It is wonderful.  And best of all it includes the work of  many Beads of Clay artists.

The cover necklace features a handmade ceramic pendant by SeaUrchin, ceramic rounds by Elaine Ray and Gaea.

Heather's focus in the book is artist's beads.  Beads-of-Clay is well represented as seen in  this list of BOC artists included in the book
Earthenwood Studio (one of the Founders BOC)

 You can  purchase Heather Powers book at Amazon.com or Ornamentea and read my 5 star review of the book on Amazon here.

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  1. What a pretty book! added it to my wish list on Amazon! but really I want it now..... :)


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