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Emotions In Earth

Hallo all present and future BOC members!

You still have time to join a theme project named "Emotions In Earth" to be finished by the end of this year 2011.

"Emotions In Earth" is a theme project for a unique ceramic artistic jewelry piece or collection. To participate you need to be a member of BOC which is not hard at all.

Participant chooses a theme around which a collection of ceramic jewelry will be created.

Participants need to create their own ceramic parts for their collection.

Collection can include any group of body adornment: rings, earrings, bracelets, anklets, necklaces (all classic choices), but you can also choose to be more out of the box and create some kind of head piece, a crown, a mask or breast piece or.... free your mind, let it out of the box.

Very important accent is on ARTISTIC! We do not want classic jewelry.
This collection does not have to be wearable.

This collection is personal expression of your emotions, thoughts, conflicts, ideals, beliefs, a message.... whatever you wish to present to others. Something that could be found in a museum or an exhibition.

You can show your progress through BOC Flickr group: you can post your sketches, photos of inspirations, photos of work-in-progress, all sorts of studies (color, glaze, shape, technique,...). This should be an excellent opportunity to try something new and learn more.
All uploads for this project on Flickr group should be tagged EE11.

Inlinkz will be at the bottom of each monthly post for everyone to connect their blog posts or link to an on-line album and show personal progress and achievement.

We have three months more to work on it. Be creative as you are and wish you happy claying!

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