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Tool Talk Thursday: Odd Finds

This is a mold line clean up  tool.  The curved blade is designed to cleanup the line left on pieces from a slip cast mold.  How cool is that?

I thought I would show some pics today of unusual, but useful clay tools.  You can find these on line at Bailey Ceramics and  Big Ceramic Store

This tool has two rubber ends.  Can be used to leave lines in your wet clay, remove wet glaze and a multitude of other uses not yet thought of.  I have always wondered what these rubber tipped tools do.

This is called the Steve Tool.  The tool includes a variety of these shaped plastic disks ( 10 disks in all) which you assemble  onto the Steve Tool to create different textures on your clay surface.  Endless possibilities for creating unique surface designs.  And in case you don't want to use this tool on clay, I found a video showing how it can be used in bread making here

The Art Roller. You attach the red roller to the handle  below and can roll a seamless pattern into your wet clay for any length you want.  Works like a paint roller.  They have about 30 different designs.( each sold separately for under $10.00.)  The roller is 7 inches wide and 2 inches in diameter. 

I hope you have seen a tool here you haven't tried before.  Let us know of any favorite tool of yours in the comment section.  Our readers would be most grateful for your sharing.


  1. Oh I see a couple I want, I just had the opportunity to use that rubber tool at a workshop and it really helps clean out groves.

  2. I've got one of the double ended rubber tools and it's great, I use the chisel end for smoothing clay. I also picked up one with a tiny wire loop on one end and a pointy rubber on the other... that's one of my favourites. A lot of them are sold over here for silver clay work.

  3. Thank you Linda for writing in about the rubber tipped tool. Good to hear from an expert on how to use this!!

  4. Hi Caroline, Thank you for your informed comments on using the rubber tipped tool. Very helpful. Interesting that metal clay folks like it so much.

  5. That rubber tool is one I have never thought of getting before. But now I think I will. Thanks!

  6. Glad folks were able to share their use of the rubber tipped tool and that it has been helpful you Natalie. thanks for writing in.


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