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Tool Talk Thursday Indian Wood Block Stamps Part II

My small collection of Indian Wood Block Stamps

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about Indian Wood Block Stamps.  This week my post is about some ceramic art beads that several Beads-of-Clay artists have created using this kind of Wood Block Stamp and some of my insights into how to use them.  I also want to mention that the next Tool Talk Thursday post will not be until September 8th, as I will be on vacation.
When I tried out my wood block stamps I found that they did not stick to the clay which was on the dry side.  Because they are wood they can absorb some of the water in the clay and not stick to the clay. 
I found that they can make a very deep impression ( and not grab any of the clay)  but can be pressed more lightly for less of an impression.
My other insight into using them is to mix them up with some other surface textures for a really unique piece.  I haven't tried that yet but will in the future.
Glazes break beautifully over the deep impressions that these stamps make in the clay.  A real plus for me!!
Here are some examples by several Beads-of-Clay artists:

Bracelet Bar by Chinook Jewelry

Heart Pendant by Chinook Jewelry  Don't you just love the colors of her glazes!!
              You can check out her Etsy Shop for some of her Indian 
wood Block Stamps  that she is destashing.

Vlad from GolemDesigns Studio sent me several pics for pieces he has made using this kind of wooden stamp.  He tells me he bought his stamps in Istanbul at a market and was told they were made in Afghanistan. 

Button by Vika

Victoria Cochran, aka Vika on Etsy,  one of our blog authors, sent me this photo of a button she made incorporating an Indian wood block stamp.  Wonderful contrast between the two textures and the two colors.  Super nice!!

Sharleen of Shaterra Clay  gave us pics of these two examples of her use of wood block stamps. I like the way she integrates them into an overall design.
Toggle Clasp  Mary Harding
Toggle Clasp by Mary Harding

These last two are my first tries with the Indian Wood Block Stamps shown in the pic at the beginning of this post.  No glaze on this one and just a light bit of glaze on the one above it.

Thank you for stopping by.  See you in a couple of weeks!!


  1. I use alot of wood stamps in my work! love them!

  2. Wow, so much beautiful work. I love all of that texture and glaze!

  3. Great post Mary, thanks for including me!

  4. Just bought a great wood stamp from the site you mentioned. Can't wait to use it! Thanks for your generosity.

  5. Thank you all for your great comments. They certainly attest to the beauty and usefulness of these wonderful handcarved stamps. And Sandra, what a great idea to carve some of your own. I hadn't even thought of that. Might try it myself.

  6. Gorgeous! I haven't tried wooden stamps yet, but I think I might have to try.

  7. The wooden stamps have been wonderfully used to create these lovely designs.The colors used are also very nice to wear...the total look is very nice.


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