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Natalies Notes

Letterpress and Patterns in Clay
It was truly an exercise in restraint as I pointed my browser to EBAY this morning in writing this post.  I love geometrical patterns and I am always searching for perfect geometrical shapes to stamp onto my beads.  I have found rubber stamps to work great but there is something so spectacular about plain old letterpress.

  Combining simple geometric shapes can make for spectacular patterns. A row of simple diamonds can make for a very beautiful pattern that the eye is drawn to and wants to follow.

Our eyes tend to like simple shapes and when these shapes are repeated in an interesting way makes for an exciting moment!  If we can lead the eye through the movement of a line around a bead or pendant, we have happy eyes indeed!

This Greek border is classic and can work in a wide variety of designs.  Imagine if this pattern was stamped on a round bead or a flat pendant and how the glaze would sink and break over those ridges.  Simply yummy!

Then consider adding a circle or two and a diamond shape around the edges.  Fun!

From circles to squares to diamonds, you can find any of these shapes on EBAY if you are willing to browse page after page.  I found this letterpress stamp showcasing lots of different quilting patterns and I drooled.  And I almost put in a bid, but I wanted to put in bids for all of these items.  Like I said, it was an exercise in restraint.  And I won!  Usually I don't.

To find letterpress on ebay, simply search "Letterpress".  I have only written about letterpress in geometrical shapes, but there is a wide variety of florals and borders as well.  Have fun creating!


  1. A great post about the use of simple shapes in bead making and in fact all forms of art!

  2. Putting these on my "want" list. THanks for sharing these with us Natalie. :-)

  3. These are so cool! Thank you for bringing new ideas Natalie.

  4. Great idea Natalie. I also found some on Etsy. Didn't succumb either!! LOL!

  5. Isn't it funny how after playing around with glazes and textures and their interactions, you can start to see how certain textures will work with different kinds of glazes… These stamps look like a lot of fun to play around with! Thanks for sharing...


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