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Emotions In Earth

face pendant
by Aleksandra Micic (micicart)

There are so many things one can learn from fire, but most of all - how to lose fear.

I was standing in front of a huge pile of cut branches, dry weeds and grass that needed to be burned.
I already saw in my mind the whole forest around us burning in flames.... so I postponed what must be done. After a few days of mowing and cutting weeds, collecting dry branches, the pile got even bigger.
My six year old son was playing around and asked me:
"Mom, are you going to make fire today?" and I said: "No... I don't know..." (Didn't want to tell him I was afraid...)
And then he said something that struck me right in the heart:
"Nature is telling me that you can make fire today, mom."
I forgot how to take control of the situation doing one step at a time without unreasonable fear, taking chances that are given, listening to a natural need to express myself and thus take control.

This lesson poked the artist in me. I realised that many are satisfied with "safety belts" around their creativity. I also tend to dismiss a whole flood of ideas on  just one basis - fear of unknown. How will this piece be accepted? Will someone like it? How will it affect my or someone else's life? It is not wearable.... or.... it will look odd..... or this or that....

You see the pattern here? The fear is stopping the natural process of transformation of one thing into another... twigs and weeds into ashes... ideas into a desired form.

I invite you all, again, to join me in this quest of exploration of your own heart and try to express it differently than usual. Search the depths and heights of the shapes and create sculptural piece/s of jewelry, beads or components (not necessarily wearable) by the end of 2011 and we will make an on-line show.

My progress will be posted on my blog micicart and if you wish to share your explorations with us you can do so by creating a post on your blog and adding a link with Inlinkz on September 25 on the new post "Emotions In Earth".

Wish you all happy claying and leave you with an inspiring link (just click on the text bellow the image).

Andrea Wagner, Corso Del Corsage brooch, 2010,
bone china porcelain, sterling silver, polyester, glass, synthetic resin


  1. You are such an inspiration to me!

    Kathleen Benner
    Mossy Hill Studio
    juneau, Alaska

  2. Thanks Kathy, glad to be of service :) You too are a great inspiration


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