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Tool Talk Thursday Stamping and a Winner

I found these wonderful wood stamps from India on Etsy.  This one is from  AmandaJames1  She tells us she buys them herself on her travels.  She has many more in her shop.

Like this antique hand carved wood fabric stamp.
I just love the leaves!!

A wooded Indian block stamp was used to decorate these delightful buttons from YolandasClay

Other stamps I found recently were on Bailey Ceramics.  They are now carrying a huge line of Mayco Stamps and I might add Mayco glazes too.  The stamps are fun and whimsical and quite well designed.

You can purchase these individually or as a kit.
I also found these Mayco stamps at ClayKing and Georgies

Mayco tells us that "these designer, flexible stamps are great for use not only on flat surfaces such as plates, but are perfect for wrapping around curved projects such as cups, bowls and more. Each stamp is 6.75"l x 2.125"w."

And if you want to make your own stamps I found this great page at RubberStamps.net   telling you just how to prepare your own drawings or images so that they can make you a wonderful custom stamp.

As far as I know all of the stamps referred to in this post allow you to use them on your art work.  The only restriction would be that you not make the stamp itself for commercial purposes. 

The Winner of last weeks Giveaway of a set of Industrial Chic connectors and 4 Elaine Ray beads is:

Rising Designs

Congratulations Rising Designs.  Please send us your mailing address and we will send out your prize.

We had 4 comments about inspiration and the Random Number generator picked number 2
Thank you to all who participated in this Giveaway.  We appreciate your comments and interest in the Beads-of-Clay blog.


  1. Yea! Mary, I messaged you on FB. Thank you for this opportunity! Rising Designs

  2. Ohhh that top stamp is lovely! I can say that I have an addiction to stamps but those wood ones are so incredibly fun to work with. Thank you for including my buttons Mary!

  3. Mary, those wood stamps you found are gorgeous! I will have to check them out. :o) Yolanda, those buttons are too cool! They would give any garment instant style. Love the flecks of color and interest while still remaining quite transparent to show off your stamping. Great work!

  4. I bought a huge pile of wooden stamps a while back...I plan to list some extras on Etsy if anyone is interested! http://chinookdesigns.blogspot.com/2011/07/fresh-from-kiln.html

  5. MARY!!!!!WOW love Amanda's stamps! What a find-thanks for sharing!

  6. Hi Rising Designs. Thanks for contacting me. Your winnings will be in the mail tomorrow.

  7. Hi Yolanda,
    Yes it is a beauty. I just love them. I love your buttons and was pleased to be able to include them in this post.

  8. Shifflett Studios--so glad you like the wood stamps and Amanda's shop. I just happened to find her when I went looking for some for this post. I am sure she would love a visit.

  9. Hi Pearl and Pebble--Thanks for letting me know you like the stamps and for writing in. I can't wait to try some out.

  10. Hi Melissa, I hope you will let us know when you list them. Thanks for writing in.

  11. Thank you all for the great feedback on the buttons!

  12. Hi, Gals, I have a few questions about using wooden stamps for clay impressions. Do you use any sort of release material like talc or cornstarch?
    Thanks, Nancy

  13. Hi Nancy,
    I have checked with one user who says a release is not needed but the clay should not be wet,wet. Let the clay stay out awhile until it reaches the non sticky stage and then make your stamp. Thanks for writing in with a question. It helps all of us out.

  14. Those wood stamps are fabulous. I ordered two of them. They will be here in the next day or so! :)


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