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Third Friday Cone 6 Glazes: Earthy Yellows

Written By Marsha NealStudio
Welcome to the July 2011 Third Friday Cone 6 Glazing Post.
This month's tests were using a selection of Coyote glazes in the yellow/brown-ish family (this is a continuation of tests I'm running from ordering Coyote's huge sample pack of all their glazes).
If you want to see all my recent Cone 6 Glaze test posts to catch up, click HERE then go click back until you get to the beginning.
The way I ran my tests was to have a test tile around 4" square.
Add an base coat of Coyote #74 to the entire thing.
Start at the top left corner and make a line horizontally and vertically with each color.
The smaller test tiles in the first photo were the colors by themselves (no #74 base).
From this large tile, I pick a few areas that seem a bit interesting and I make a list of the tests I want to run.
You can see my notes above on what I wanted to test numbered 1-7.
My 3.5 year old likes to come into the studio and "paint beads" with me.
I fill the lids of some Amaco velvet underglazes and let her go to town mixing and painting onto bisque beads with me right there to watch over her…
I am in awe of her creativity, her steady hand, and how detail oriented & safe she is. 
She and I have lots of conversations while painting beads in the studio together that range from songs she likes to sing, things she is learning in school, to studio safety topics. 
Best to teach her while she is young. 
And best to be open minded enough to learn from her in return…
Top Row, L to R: 1, 2, 3
Bottom Row, L to R: 4, 5, 6, 7
Fairly quickly the tests are done…
First applying the #74 base, then the colors on top in one to two thicknesses.
And the results…
L to R Tests: 1, 2, 3
L to R Tests: 4, 5, 6, 7
A lot of very muted earthy yellow brown and creme tones.
Coyote Glaze #49 on the right side of left test tile & on right side, #49 applied thicker.
This one Coyote Glaze #49 - I think needed to get just a wash of the glaze to achieve the result on the left of this photo (the yellow that has the brown in the center of it). 
Because this one on the right really does nothing for me visually. 
But the thinner applied one - oh boy - I could see using that one for some great effects.

Thanks for stopping by this month.
I think I'm going to start to wrap up these basic Coyote Cone 6 tests after a red and a purple test. 
I've got a bunch of Amaco PC glazes that are beckoning to be tried together…

Hope this helps you with some extra palettes to look at…
Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Your not just painting beads together, your making memories! I love seeing your glaze tests, I am not a ceramic artist, I just love the way they look.


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