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JULY 2011 Spotlight Artist
Allow me to introduce....
Sharleen Newland
Shaterra Clay Studio
Shaterra Clay Studio is located in
Groveport, Ohio USA
What do you call yourself?... artist, beadiest, ceramic artist, potter.???

How long have you been working in clay?.... since 2003 other than a 1 year class in
High School
What clays do you use? low fire, white and red

How do you fire? electric kiln and raku
Where is your working space/studio?
  Finished basement room; raku and firing in
garden shed

Do you work alone? yes
Name the steps you have to making a finished piece of your work.
For pendants I have been carving my own lino sheets. I roll out the clay into a slab, thicker
than what I want the end result to be, because the sheet thins again when I
re-roll it over the carved design. I use various shaped cookie cutters to cut
out the pendant, or sometimes cut out free hand with a needle tool. These
pieces are dried between 2 large sheets of drywall, weighed down with 25lb
dumbell, for 2 days.

 The dried pieces are smoothed of all rough edges with a
damp rag. Then comes the bisque firing. After that I glaze, and fire again. I
use a giant extruder to press out rolls of clay for bead making. These I
measure and cut according to how large I want the beads. I roll them in my hand
to the desired shape, then press or roll over the texture plates. I use poly
clay tools made for making holes to punch the holes. Dry beads for 2 days and
fire and glaze.
Favorite glazes? I love Duncan, but I use Duncan, Spectrum, Amoco and Mayco. I
have my favorites from each mtfg and have used them enough to know which glaze
would be the best for the result I have in mind. My working space looks like a
glaze store. I probably have 200 bottles. I love it when new glazes come
out. Can't wait to try the new colors!
Favorite themes, design inspirations? I'm a nature girl; animals, leaves,
trees, petals, the sea

Ceramic artists you admire? I admire anyone that has the guts and determination
to create and sell art work

Where do you sell and show your work? I have sold my beads at several bead
stores here in central Ohio for many years. Sadly, we only have 3 left, 5 have
closed in the past 2 years. I also have finished jewelry for sale at a gift
store here in town. I would like to do more of that, but lack of available time
to design jewelry prevents it. Occasionally I do an art/craft show.. I go to
the Michigan Bead Society Show twice a year. Mostly I sell on Etsy. 
Advice to newbies? I know some people don't look at other artist's work because
they are afraid of being influenced by it and not being original. I don't agree
with that, I think looking at what other people can do/have done is inspiring.
Try to incorporate what you love about their work into your own work, maybe
it's a certain technique or use of color; while still being your own person and
expressing yourself in your own way. HAVE CONFIDENCE and don't let
failures/rejections get you down. There are going to be times when you are
completely bummed out and discouraged, expect that and keep going! Every year
you will improve. Try to get up and move around periodically while you are
working, stretch, don't get stiff and sore.
Favorite piece tool or piece of equipment? My current favorite are the lino
sheets I am using to carve my own designs.

Thanks for an awesome interview Sharleen!

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  1. very nice, I enjoyed seeing your work! Using lino sheets is new idea for me, but any advice on carving it ? It's so hard, I've had no luck in cutting it in the past. You don't have trouble with the clay sticking I guess.....? thanks again

  2. I love your work Sharleen! and I like seeing your posts, there is always something that I learn. Great interview!

  3. Beautiful work! Thanks so much for sharing your work and studio with us.

  4. Great Interview Sharleen!!! I love seeing your work… Thanks for the insights on your process - you get such great colors & textures!


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