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Clay in Print with Melissa

Melissa is away so I am filling in for her today.  I thought I would start with a different angle on clay in print today.  I have included  some info from Stringing Magazine of their Artisan Village ads because so many of the shops are those of ceramic bead artists.  Included in the line up is none other than the BeadsofClay Etsy shop and 10 other ceramic clay artists, many of whom are Beads-of-Clay members.  Yeah Clay!!!TheBeadsofClay members listed are:

In the June Belle Armoire Jewelry , there is a great earring article by Julie McCann on  pages 68-71

featuring Elaine Ray ceramic beads.  We are, of course, so honored to claim Elaine as one of our founding members and she is still participating in the Group.
I have been inspired by the article to try some of these earrings myself with my own ceramic beads.  Isn't that what the magazine is about?  The pair I like especially uses those cool Industrial Chic connectors which I just happened to have on hand. 
earrings and ceramic beads by Mary Harding

Please tell us what magazine design with ceramic beads has inspired you.  Leave a comment below, and a link to your creation, if you like, and I will  choose a winner on Thursday, July 28 and announce it in my Tool Talk Thursday post.

 The lucky person will receive 2 pairs of Industrial Chic connectors and 2 Elaine Ray polka dot beads.

Thanks so much for stopping by.


  1. There isn't a specific magazine design that has inspired me, but there are always lots of hand made clay beads and pendants in Stringing magazine. I've found lots of great sources in their pages!
    Erin S

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  3. I find inspiration from every magazine I see. One of my recent favorites is truthfully, Mary Harding's pendants combined with patinated chain and pearls used in designs by Shannon Levart. The article is in 2011 Summer "Belle Armoire Jewelry". I love how Shannon emphasized the gorgeous textures and color of the clay pendants so simply and beautifully!
    Nancy Saccoccio

  4. Thanks for filling in for me Mary! Great post :)

  5. Belle Armoire is a great magazine. Congrats.
    ~Lynn from RakuButtons

  6. I always buy Belle Armoire, Bead Trends and Stringing. Love them all!


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