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2ND Wednesday Giveaway!

The second Wednesday of each month we will just give stuff away!
Why?.....Because We Can! :-)

This month we are giving away 3 cool pendants from:
These pendants are original designs by Marlasmud!
Total value of over $45!
And all you have to do is answer one question.......
WHY do you like Ceramic Beads and Pendants?

Post your answer here and we will draw a winner
 using random.org. on
July 20th and post the winner here!!!
Hope YOU win!


  1. I like ceramic beads and pendants because they are so unique and each one takes on the personality of the artist who made it in one way or the other.

  2. i love creating the beads and pendants... my fingers feel so wonderful working the clay and turning it into something. i am always surprised by the finished piece. beads and pendants are so wearable by everyone, and i love to make people happy with my creations.

  3. I like the earthy feel some ceramic beads tend to have, and the fact they tend to not always be perfect.

  4. I love working with clay because I like the feel of clay on my hands, being able to mold it to whatever I want and change it if I decide. Love the earthy look of ceramic beads, and opening the kiln is my favorite part.

  5. I like the weight and texture of clay beads. they have an organic quality that you don't find in any other medium.

  6. I love clay beads and pendants because you can see the hand of the artist in the work. They're so organic and each is unique.

  7. The feeling as I hold it in my hand, the look of the glaze, the art in a tiny bead, simply beautiful.

  8. Ok, I have just started making ceramic beads, cabochons and other goodies. I like it because I seem to be able to think of something and create it w/ the clay! And when they are done they look really cool!

  9. Their beauty aside, I love the peaceful feeling of connection that handling them gives me – their texture, weight, and cool temperature are calming and a unique tactile experience!

    The 3 pendants by MARLASMUD pictured here certainly fit the description of "beauty" - and I would LOVE to hold them in my hands and "feel" their special qualities!

    So, I hope I win - and thank you so much for this giveaway!

  10. I love them because they have that organic handmade look that I find so appealing.


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