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Second Saturday State of Your Studio...

Written By Marsha Neal Studio
Welcome to the monthly BOC post where you can share the state of your studio (your creative space) with us…
You do not have to be working in clay to have a "studio" space.
It is a lot of fun to see into everyone's creative spaces.
Marsha Neal Studio Wet Clay Shards
Are you visiting Bead & Button this month - as a buyer or seller?
Maybe you just wish you were going (I know I wish I were going this year)…
What goes into preparations for shopping or selling at a show of this calibur?
Write up a blog post (or do you have one already) and link it up below so we can all share and visit with each other.

Grab a "Second Saturday" Button for Your Blog:

Then make the picture link back here to Beads-of-Clay Blog.


  1. Hi Marsha i tried to put the button on my blog but couldn't figure out how to i am not so good on the computer :( ttfn L:)

  2. Hi Lana!
    I just checked out your blog (Cool Blog!) to see how I could help. Since you are using Blogger, you can add a "gadget" when you are in your dashboard, and select "add a picture". Then you open a separate window on your computer and come back to this blog post. Click on the image above so it is the only image in the window. Copy the web address for the photo then click back to your blog to the "add a picture" gadget. Paste that address in the part that says "add image from URL". Then add a link to the Beads of Clay blog as the URL and add a title if you want.

    Let me know if this works for you :)


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