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Make Small, Think Big

Surrounded (stoneware chainmail)
by Ruth Borgenicht

Have you ever thought of making ceramic chainmail? I thought of the idea to be extremely intriguing and wonderful for experimenting for Emotions In Earth project.
I would really appreciate if you would share your knowledge or experience on this subject.
It might be a challenge to create every single component that we usually use for creating jewellery, and are from other materials, to create them from clay.
There is an inspiring artist who actually expresses herself through ceramic chainmail (besides imitating other weaving techniques as well) - Ruth Borgenicht.

I am off now to try and make that chain and wish you in the meantime lots of good vibes for claying!


  1. That's beautiful, but I can't imagine doing it. I don't even like the idea of doing regular chain mail!

  2. I don't even understand how that is possible.

  3. I understand your feelings completely. :)) Very touchy and demanding. Patience, patience and more patience needed.

  4. That is amazing work! I wonder how it is done. My mind boggles!


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