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Emotions In Earth - progress

study of circles
by micicart
Another month passed and I am still on studying simple circle as a part of a more complex composition.
Through observation of nature, the work of others, the course of my thoughts while designing, I noticed one particular and very important part of each object and creation - SYMETRY.

It is interesting how much it helps to be aware of it and use it on purpose. When I think of symmetry my mind automatically associates it with REFLECTION..... but we could also say it can be a sort of REPETITION.
Sometimes it may not be as obvious in a piece, but it doesn't need to be in a shape of the object; it could be in a color that is repeating at certain intervals or even in repetition of emotion through observation of the piece.

I am much interested in the last one. It would need to be well thought out design with much intentional emotional creative process of a piece. It would be a more complex design where physical attributes may not be symmetrical, neither in shape nor in color or texture but certain elements would evoke similar or same thought or emotion in an observer. That would be my final goal in this project.

I tried to show how circle without much distortion or just using its symmetrical integral parts (pie pieces, spirals....) hand in hand with repetition and symmetry can create a statement central piece of jewelry..... of course it will still need some help from colors and additional jewelry components and materials where symmetry of any kind plays the same important role and holds interest.

Here are some inspirations from nature that I wish to use in my Coral Reef collection.

Join me in this expedition to exploration of shapes and relations of elements in design.
Share with others what you know or learned recently.


  1. I am intrigued with your process. I am going to see what I come up with and post. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love this post. The piece at the end is so interesting and beautiful. I look forward to more of this. I am working on some ideas but not ready to share them yet.


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