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And The Winner Is...

Thank you everyone that participated in our Spring Open Studio Events. It was a lot of fun having everyone commenting on the posts and being able to interact with everyone at the same time. And having the static posts was a nice way to leisurely visit with everyone as the time allowed.

We would love feedback about the Open Studio Event so we can continue to make it better for Visitors and Artists participating. Please make your comments here on this post.

And now for the winner of this grouping of Artist donated beads:
Out of 25 commenters, Random.org picked #25 The Clay Chick - CONGRATULATIONS!!!
Contact Mary Harding with your mailing address so she can get these beads out to you.

Ceramic beads and pendants (from top left to right)  by Shaterra Clay, Cindy Dolezal, Clay Designs by GleeMarshaNealStudio,MarlasMudArtisan ClaySedillo Hill, Mary Harding Jewelry andNKP DesignsArtisanBeadsPlus
Mark your calendars for October 2011 for our next Open Studio Event!


  1. Good Monday Morning Marsha, i'm so :( i missed your studio event yesterday i had a flood in the basement Sunday,dang sump pumps,sound like it was fun & congrats to the winner.ttfn :)

  2. I liked the 30 minutes for commenting. It worked out well. Also most folks had their blogger set so that leaving a comment was easy. I think that helped too. I also think that it was easier for me since I made up separate posts and left them in draft until the time to post. Seemed much easier than before. Sometimes I forgot to remove the time from the title of the post, but it certainly made for smooth posting for me. Thanks again Marsha for all your hard work and organization. Such a pleasure to do this with you.

  3. Oh, no - sorry about the flood in the basement - that's a nightmare! Swing by and check out the posts as you have time…

    Mary - I think you are right about the 30 minutes - much better. It seemed like there was a bit of a lag reading posts this time - maybe too few artists participating this time? Hope we can recruit more next time. I thought that the stagnant posts would have allowed more artists to at least do a little something. It's really fun having a lot of people to visit with. Oh well - guess sometimes timing is just off…

    I also just moved this post because to 11:59 Sunday so it did not take away from Vlad's awesome Muddy Monday post (the drawing did occur actually after midnight EST).


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