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Tool Talk Thursday Rocker Stamps

Have you heard about these stamps?  I found them quite by accident when I was browsing in the Bailey Ceramics on line catalogue.  I thought I would try them out since they were very affordable.  About $14.00 for 12 stamps.

The cool part is that the stamp is curved, hence the name rocker.
It is so easy to get a deep impression in the clay.  You just rock it over the slab and you get a great image.  The stamps are pliable and fit into the rocker so it is easy to change to any of the 12 stamps that come in the set.

Here is a closeup of one of the stamps.  You can see how deep they are in this pic.

This is a picture of the ones that came in the set I ordered.  There is one other set as well to consider.  I like the organic/nature theme of this group.

A toggle clasp I made using Rocker Stamps
And the best  part, you can mix up the stamps, stamp over what you have stamped so that you get one of a kind impressions.  And of course they are copyright free since they are made for potters to use on their ware.

I am sure I could never make this exact pattern again.  That's what I like about them.  And for me they are such fun to hand paint.

If you want to try these out you can check out this link to Bailey's Pottery and see both of the sets they have to offer.  You can also find them at  Big Ceramic Store.


  1. These stamps are great! I have some. Easy to use and give a nice even designs.

  2. Thank you Yoli for writing in and letting us know your experience with these stamps. I agree about the nice even design and ease of use.

  3. Mary, thanks for showing these, I like those designs. I'll have to order some.

  4. I love those! Thanks for sharing with us.

  5. Hi Sharleen,
    I think you will find them really great to use. Glad to be of help.

  6. Hi Raida, I am so glad that you like them. I think they are really great, easy to use and they don't stick to the clay at all. Thanks for writing in.

  7. Those stamps look awesome, and like something I could use!

  8. Hi Lori, Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. I think you will really like working with these. They are so easy to use and so easy to make the designs your own.


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