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Saturdays With Sharleen - Custom Clay Stamp

Hello, it is a lovely Saturday morning here in central OH.  I am about to leave for a wire wrapping class...hoping to pick up some techniques for wire wrapping and making bails for my ceramic pieces.

Although I don't normally talk about tools, I stumbled on this clay stamp the other day while shopping for charms at http://www.charmfactory.com/; the link for custom clay stamps is on the left.

I have always struggled to sign the back of my clay work.  The best solution I could come up with was to carve my initials and year on the back when the clay is leather hard...time consuming and messy!  Most of my pendants are not signed on the back because I usually feel I just don't want to take the time and/or make the effort.

Here is a great solution.  This stamp can be customized or printed with a choice of 3 standard fonts.  I hope this product will help others like me who have struggled to find a way to mark their work.
"These custom made stamps are small (1/2" wide) and laser engraved to give you the precision impression you are looking for. You get a long lasting and clear product (unlike rubber stamps) and a great value over more expensive brass stamps. The handle is cast from lead free pewter, and your custom clay stamp is made to order from Delrin, a high temperature plastic also used for notary stamps and other demanding applications."

$44.99, free shipping in US


  1. Thank you Shaterra - I've been struggling to figure out an easier way to initial my pieces as well. This will be way less cumbersome than glazing tiny letters. Looks like a great solution.

  2. Thanks for the information!!!! SO HELPFUL!!!

  3. I haven't got my stamp yet, and I was planning on doing some bisque this weekend. Rats! I can't wait to try it.


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