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Emotions In Earth - understanding the project

sketch for the central piece of a necklace
for the project Emotions In Earth

Emotions In Earth project had officially began this month. Only few of active members of BOC gave me some feedback, opinion and wish to participate. I figured it sounds maybe a bit "scary" or too much. Maybe some of you are not clear on how it works. If you read the post Make Small, Think Big you will understand the whole point and goal of this project. It is not demanding, but more of an uplifting whole-year-through project that will make you learn about yourself as an artist, make you reach higher creative grounds on witch you wish to walk and probably accomplish doing something you may never even dreamed you could.

OK, now.... let's see how you could start working on the project. Since it needs a theme, you can start by:
1) exploring your most inner wishes, thoughts, conflicts, likes, beliefs.... any emotion that is the strongest one at this point in your life or had been and left an impact so strong that can inspire you
2) try to visualise that emotion.... draw sketches or take photographs or..... dig directly into clay...
3) explore the forms you can use in your future piece of art or test glazes to reach proper effects

Here is an example.
I want to explore the circle not just as a form but also as a concept and a state of existence, because the whole universe is based on laws of circles/cycles. I also love nature, especially oceans and seas. Those interests of mine are very well connected so they could be combined to create some kind of sculptural piece of jewelry.

So, I decided to try and see what kind of beads or parts I can make from one circle and I'll do more experiments until satisfied with the result. This first batch of photographs just gave me some ideas to work on. I wasn't trying to make them finished, just experimenting, which I encourage you to do as well... and show it to us.

(mistake: should be "greenware")

I photographed some steps how one simple circle slowly grows into a three dimensional sculptural piece that could be used in so many ways and reminds me of some sea forms.

Hopefully during this week I'll do some more experimenting and probably choose the forms to be used in my pieces of jewelry for this project.

Don't forget.... you have a WHOLE YEAR to create it.... and it takes a year to bud and blossom and become fruitful! I hope to see some of your ideas during next month... and don't be shy to ask or critique, comment and share!


  1. I think this is an amazing project!!! I'm in!

    I was also thinking to myself - about the cutters that are readily available that most of us have somewhere in our studio… Maybe another ongoing challenge for us to use the, but take it farther - disassemble and reassemble components.

    I like that this challenge is about the process and not a finished piece. I find that I am too often caught up in making product to be able to sell, then get overloaded with excess work. I would rather work in small batches, pushing myself to find that inner core and see if I can rouse her to the surface in the clay!

    Thanks for leading us in this direction!!!

  2. You got it all right Marsha! That is what it is all about not to forget why we love clay in the first place! Sooooo happy you're in!

  3. I am in, but am still looking for a direction to take it. I have a few previous commitments to finish then I can throw myself into the adventure.

  4. I've been working on sketches and I made a stamp that I want to incorporate into my design. How do we go about sharing the process. Through our own blogs or can we post them somewhere else?

  5. Glenn (or Kathy) glad you are joining! No pressure!

  6. Cindy, make a post on your blog about your progress and make a link on this post with Inlinkz which will be open whole month. Also you can post photos on Flickr BOC group with tag title EE11. Excited to see your ideas!

  7. Very helpful to see how you have developed an idea. I will begin working on mine too just as soon as the BeadSoupParty is over. I want to explore something in the area of carving clay and using my own drawings to do so.


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