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BOC Theme Project 2011 "Emotions In Earth"

Hello everyone!
This is an invitation for all those who work with clay (earth clay) or wish to start now.
BOC is starting a theme project named "Emotions In Earth" to be finished by the end of this year 2011.
You need to be a member of BOC and that is not a problem, just become one at BOC site (no dues or fees or donations required to be a member or to participate).

"Emotions In Earth" is a theme project for a unique ceramic artistic jewelry collection.
Participant chooses a theme around which a collection of ceramic jewelry will be created.
Collection can include any group of body adornment: rings, earrings, bracelets, anklets, necklaces (all classic choices), but you can also choose to be more out of the box and create some kind of head piece, a crown, a mask or breast piece or.... free your mind, let it out of the box.
Very important accent is on ARTISTIC! We do not want classic jewelry.
This collection does not have to be wearable.
This collection is personal expression of your emotions, thoughts, conflicts, ideals, beliefs, a message.... whatever you wish to present to others. Something that could be found in a museum or an exhibition. Participants need to create their own ceramic parts for their collection.
We also want you to show your weekly progress through BOC Flickr group: you can post your sketches, photos of inspirations, photos of work-in-progress, all sorts of studies (color, glaze, shape, technique,...). All uploads for this project on Flickr group should be tagged EE11. This should be an excellent opportunity to try something new and learn more.
Blog about it.
Once a month (every 4th Tuesday) there will be a post on BOC blog about the progress of participants, some advices or answers if needed, encouraging words to get you reach the goal.
Posts "Make Small, Think Big" every 1st and 3rd Sunday in a month will be there for you to give you some
self-esteem boost and uplifting :)
Inlinkz will be at the bottom of each monthly post for everyone to connect their blog posts and show personal progress and achievement during that month.

Sooo? What do you think? Are you up for this challenge? Believe me, it will be a fun ride and we will all be together on it for a whole year - sharing both good and bad moments, successs and mistakes, learn from
each other and share our hearts!

Wish you all happy claying!



  1. OH MY! This sounds like a lot of fun and a lot of scary at the same time! I will start thinking of my Theme!

  2. I love the sounds of this project. Count me in. Such a great way for all of to create something we never dreamed we could do. thank you so much Sandra for spearheading this project.

  3. I love the sound of this project. I've already started sketching. Which I usually don't do. I can't wait til we start seeing the progress on this from all the talent here at BOC.

  4. Oh you three are beautiful and courageous :) I hope more people jump in. Marla you are right it might sound scary, but it is actually the fear of what Mary said "something we never dreamed we could do", and yes Cindy this the great opportunity for everyone to see not just the talent of others but of oneself. I know I will enjoy this ride with you three around! Thanks!

  5. Ohh... *brain making noise* Ooooh....

    My leftovers might get a life.... :-)

  6. Thanks for another reason to keep the creative clay cogs churning! Count me in as well. I'm always up for a new Beads-of-Clay Adventure! Love the idea of the art and personal expression theme. Really looking forward to sharing a deeper look into our artistic life and minds through our work. I'm on vacation next week and will have plenty of time to start thinking over my plan....

  7. Oh that Trollsmed's brain noise sounds very inspiring :)

    Lisa, happy to hear you warming up for this :)

  8. A, Count me in. I am going to focus on
    manifesting "tribe". I will explore what it means to be an artist for me. What I feel about creating and who are the others who become a part of that experience.Thank you for the chance to explore. So far I am sketching shrines as statements of self.This will open some rusty doors in my head for sure. Joan Tucker

  9. Joan, I am happy to hear that. So looking forward to see your explorations of inner-self!


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