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What's New in the BOC Etsy Shop

It's the New Year and the Beads of Clay Etsy Shop has been getting new contributions from its Etsy Street Team Members.  Like this   Love Is In the Heart  Pendant above  donated by Gaea

and this beautiful  Carved Tree Ceramic Pendant  donated by Shaterra Clay

Two daisy Pendants donated by NKP beads

And this colorful Porcelain Harlequin design Pendant donated by Marlasmud

The Beads of Clay Etsy Team Shop is a non profit organization.
The main goal of this group is the promotion of ceramic beads as an art form. To accomplish this we strive to bring together all ceramic bead enthusiasts from the collector to the ceramic bead artist to the designer interested in working with hand-crafted artist-made ceramic beads.
The BOC Etsy shop is stocked with pieces donated by our members. Proceeds will go towards our group effort to promote awareness of ceramic art beads.
I hope you will stop by and see what else is new in the shop.


  1. There's a BOC Etsy store?! How did I miss this? I am going to favorite that right now so that when I am in the mood for some BOC I will know right were to go!
    Enjoy the day!

  2. I didn't know about the etsy store either, what a great harlequin pendant Marla made love it, that must have taken some time the colors are wonderful

  3. Thank you for writing in about the Etsy shop. Glad to introduce it to you. We get new pieces from our Team Members all the time so check back often.


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