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Tucson or Bust- Part IV

We will unload the pit fired ware in morning and head out for Tucson. We set up in the afternoon at Best Bead Show after we check in at RV park.

The pit firing was interesting First Lana, Marsha and Vlad made low fire pieces and burnished them. Then Marsha started the fire in her great fire pit kiln with charcoal and got it hot, added ware; then manure, sawdust, copper etc. It came to temperature and then they closed it off added sand insulation and we wait. Pictures will follow.

This afternoon, everybody is helping Vlad get his beads priced and ready to go. The new styles are very exciting.Vlad won 3rd place at Bead Dreams in 2010.
some of Vlad's beads

 Marsha has already packed the car and some of her bead styles include:

 Marsha's Porcelain Slide

Here at show:

Marsha Hedrick
Lana at Off Center Productrions

Silver artist Anne Mitchell

Interweave Editor Denise Peck

Lisa Kan

Lots of excitement: 17 degrees, frozen pipes, no bathrooms, winds, etc etc etc.
Lots of fun customers and pretty good sales. Cold in RV and have furnace running. Lots of winter coats and hats.

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  1. I'm just reading this now... a little after the original post. Thanks for sharing your trip. I enjoyed reading about it and seeing all of the pictures :O)


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